Presidency University Bengaluru Inaugurated National Workshop On Cryptology 2019

Presidency University, Bangalore, organised a National Workshop on Cryptology 2019 in association with Cryptology Research Society of India.

Mathematics and Computer Science have merged to form Cryptology and information security. Elliptic curve cryptography and RSA Algorithm will lead information security in future with quantum computing in the forefront.

This was stated by Padmashree R. Balasubramanian, President, Cryptology Societyof India (CRSI) and Senior Professor, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai. He was speaking at Presidency University, Bangalore, on the occasion of inauguration of National Workshop on Cryptology 2019 which the university has organized in association with Cryptology Research Society of India.

Continuing his speech, S S Bhatnagar awardee, Balasubramanian said, "Public Key Cryptography provides message encryption, digital signature, data compression andemail compatibility. In Public Key Cryptography, the intruder knows how the coding is done, but it is impossible to decode it."

"There are several centers in India wherein active Cryptology research is being done. To bring together all researchers, the CRSI organizes annualWorkshops and an International Conference every year," he added.

The 3 day workshop will be addressed by other keynote speakers, including Sanjay Sahay, DG & I G of Police, Government of Karnataka and P. M. Heblikar, Former Special Secretary, Government of India.  

The workshop will have several sessions on topics such as Elliptic Curve Cryptography, IOT Security, Crystoanalysis of Block Cyphers, Visual Cryptography, Blockchain and CyberAttacks. There are several hands-on experience sessions. Over 60 participants from different parts of the country are attending the conference. 

Resource persons include experts from academics, industries, Defense establishments, Police and Forensic Departments and Software companies. Some experts who will be sharingtheir knowledge are R. Balasubramanian, Dr. S. V. Satyanarayana, Dr. Appla Naidu Tentu, Srikanth R., Dr. Srinivas Vivek, Dr. Avishek Adhikari, Dr. G. K. Patra, Sanjay Sahay and Adarsh Umesh.  

Vice Chancellor Radha Padmanabhan, who presided over the inauguration, said , "Personal security has always been a basic need of human beings. Giving an anecdote from Mahabharata war-field, the conch sound of Bhishma silently indicated his longing desire to join Lord Krishna after salvation. In response, the conch sound of Lord Krishna was a warm acceptance of Bhishma."

The three days workshop is sponsored by Defense Research & Development Organization, Delhi, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, Department of Atomic Energy, Mumbai and Federal Bank of India. 

In the beginning, Dean C. Prabhakar Reddy welcomed the gathering and Head of the Department of Computer Science, K. Mohan spoke about the conference.

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