Realizing 360-degree Approach To Education

The idea is to engage students and teachers in a learning environment that will help them realize their enormous potential.

Today, the average attention span of an individual varies from eight seconds to ten minutes. How, then, can we expect our students to take in hours of information on any given day? This surely calls for a revolution in how education ought to be delivered and it is not surprising that 360-degree learning has emerged as a leading trend in K-12 education. The idea is to engage students and teachers in a learning environment that will help them realize their enormous potential. Most certainly, the future is impossible to visualize without technology being an integral part of the next generation. But teaching need not be the one-size-fits-all approach. While mobile and online learning does allow for personalized learning, it is possible to cater to the various abilities, needs and interests of a class through the utilization of the correct approach to teaching and learning in our institutions.  

This approach has much to do with imparting the fundamentals and enabling our students to apply the same to the real-world. If the individual experience is central to this revolutionary paradigm, the focus has to be on developing skills in a manner that suits the learner, both in and out of the classroom. This would certainly call for empowering the teaching staff, and not replace them. In an environment where students are to be independent learners, the teacher is a knowledge navigator, a facilitator and a mentor rather than a knowledge provider. At Birla Open Minds International School(BOMIS), the teacher has always played the role of a caring facilitator, working towards interpreting the needs of the child and the requirements of the curriculum in order to provide meaningful learning experiences. Our teachers have sought to provide a motivational framework for each learning opportunity. This has been possible through the professional training of our teachers who now possess both knowledge and skill to positively impact a child’s learning outcome. Our teachers have made use of flipped classrooms, project-based learning, brainstorming, role-playing, interactive lab experiments and self and peer evaluation, to make learning more engaging and effective. 

BOMIS has, since its inception, incorporated the spirit of 360-degree learning for its philosophy is rooted in the constructivist approach where the learners are actively involved in their learning. Learning experiences have been student-centred and knowledge acquisition has progressed from the known to the unknown, from the concrete to the abstract, and from all things local to things global. The infrastructural design and facilities have, in fact, ensured that students exploit modern technology. The state-of-the-art smart classrooms, modern science and IT labs, world-class libraries, a range of sports and creative arts facilities and digitalised e-learning platforms have reflected the ethos of the school.  

Birla Open Minds schools everywhere have been specially designed to create and maintain a stimulating learning environment where children can actively participate, grow and learn in a natural way. Some special features of our institutions have been: an age-appropriate, child-centric and progressive curriculum that merges seamlessly with National and International curricula; diverse learning styles; a specialised sports programme; an innovative performing arts, creative and visual arts programme; a skills development programme for the holistic development of each child; STEM-based science laboratories, integrated laboratories, IT labs, audio-visual rooms and even WiFi-enabled rooms.BOMIS has essentially followed a holistic and dynamic approach to education. Apart from scholastic and co-scholastic subjects, a child also learns about ‘soul science’—equipping him/her with the ability to deal with multiple emotions, challenges, stress, anxiety, and social insecurities. After all, a 360-degree approach to education ought to assist a child in managing his/her personal and school life and mould them into leadership roles for the future. 

With a robust curriculum that provides a dynamic and broad-spectrum learning environment, BOMIS has always fostered critical thinking and life-long learning. For us, 360-Degree learning has been a way of life—one full of growth, excitement, promises, challenges and adventure. 

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