Recently Launched Amity Future Academy Begins Admission

In an exclusive interaction with BW, Siddharth Maheshwari, Director of Amity Future Academy, talks about recently launched Amity Future Academy by the Amity Education Group. He also shares that the Academy of Tomorrow focuses on imparting knowledge right from digital classrooms to collaborative learning and the programmes offered are based on industry-relevant skills. Excerpts:


Is the higher education scenario changing globally? What are some significant trends?

In the past century, there has been an academic revolution in higher education which has witnessed a paradigm shift in terms of scope and opportunity. With the usher of Industry revolution, the world is changing at an exponential rate, and so is Education. 

According to UN population division, currently, about 100 million students attend 1,800 institutions worldwide. UNESCO Institute for Statistics says global tertiary enrolments was 170 million in 2010 with a combined share of 45% from countries- China, India, US, and Russia. By 2025, the number of students enrolled in higher education worldwide will rise to 262 million. 

The above data suggests the significant change following these key trends in education:

  • Easy accessibility of open educational resources: Faculties, industry trainers and experts are sharing their pool of knowledge with everyone in the form of video, audio, learning materials, etc.
  • Blended Learning Experience: Owing to the modern trend, educational institutions are adapting the combination of online educational materials along with traditional classrooms.
  • Change in student assessment methods: Working with large data sets is easier than ever. Universities are maintaining detailed assessment database which is accessible to both teachers and students thus giving freedom to students to create their own learning curve.
  • Rise of automation: Automation has changed the way of not just in onboarding new students, accessing school resources but has augmented the student and faculty engagement. This will continue to simplify and streamline the processes in future as well.
  • Provision of degrees off-shore
  • Gamification

How is Amity Education Group fulfilling the need of digital India initiative through education? What initiatives are taken?

Amity Education Group is India's leading research and innovation-driven group with over 4500 Academicians, scientists, and researchers.

Amity Future Academy is the flagship institution of globally accredited Amity Education Group, purely devoted to excellence in Digital Education & Campus Learning, and to mounting students in various disciplines that will shape the economy of tomorrow like - Data Science, Blockchain Technology, Machine Learning & AI, Cyber Security, HR Analytics, Product Management

Under the leadership of our Chairman, Mr. Ajit Chauhan launched a digital thought leadership group to train the workforce of tomorrow. We embrace Education 4.0 learning by being the first in India to rationalise the concept of knowledge for tomorrow. We want to get the future leaders ready, so they contribute to the vision of seeing India as the knowledge superpower.

Do you agree that technology will drive effective learning?

Yes, definitely. The world is changing at an exponential rate with the usher of Industry 4.0. Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Big data and Internet of things are combining together thus making an impact on our jobs and industry.

We have emerged from the times when students were required to reside in the Gurukul to serve their teachers and obey their duties with no set curriculum. Education that once focused on one-to-many is now gradually transforming its way of delivery by providing various broad learning opportunities to students. 

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way students used to take assessments. Digital experiential learning and micro-credentials are making its way ranging from online degrees and coding bootcamps to technology certificates, digital badges, and nano degrees.

Internet of Things (IoT) is influencing education by helping institutions make informed decisions. Education now largely emphasizes on “ the way it is taught” by aligning with future trends thus making the current generation- Leaders and Learners of Tomorrow. 

Will ‘virtualization’ be the future of higher education in India? Your views.

Technology in education is helping the overall experience by making it collaborative and interactive. 

According to UNESCO Global Education Report, the higher education sector in India is expected to increase to US$ 35.03 billion by 2025 from US$ 15 billion in 2016. India has become the second-largest market for e-learning after the US. It is expected to reach US$ 5.7 billion by 2020 as opposed to the current US$ 2 billion. Users of online education in India are expected to reach 9.6 million by 2021 from 1.6 million in 2016.

It’s clear from the facts that virtualization has taken over the current education scenario. Digital Transformation and rise of educational technology is making drastic changes in assessments, instructions and classroom designs. Virtualization is bringing the outside world to our classrooms. Augmented, virtual and mixed reality are making an impact on student learning by enhancing instruction level. The day is not far when gamification and virtualization would play a key role in education at all levels.

What was the idea and inspiration to launch Amity Future Academy?

From the past few years, there has been a drastic change in the job market scenario and it is going to continue for another decade. With the growth of technology and digitization, jobs are getting highly specialized and automated.

Consequently, there is a learning gap that needs to be addressed by the educational sector. Skilling employees/individuals is important not just to keep up with the technological trends, but also to stay ahead of the competition.

According to a NASSCOM report, up to 40% of the estimated four million workforce in India need re-skilling over the next 5 years to keep pace with automation and changing skill needs in various industries. Today, over 54% of India’s total population is below 25 years of age and over 60% of the population comes under working age group. Over the next 25 years, India’s demographic dividend will start moving down and hence it’s a matter of great concern for us to exploit this demographic dividend and overcome the skills gap.

According to the Talent Shortage Survey 2017, conducted by the Manpower Group, 40 percent of employers worldwide reported a lack of skilled, qualified workers with the necessary skills to fill open positions. This clearly shows us that upskilling is the need of the hour and demonstrates a massive skill-gap in today’s workforce.

As per very powerful data above and an experienced eye on corporate-academia, Amity Future Academy was formed to build careers of tomorrow in new age economy that’s driven by technology and with a very high focus on ABCD’s

What differentiates Amity Future Academy from the other premier institutes?

Reskilling and upskilling is the need of the hour and demonstrates a massive skill-gap in today’s workforce. Personalised learning is the key to bridge this gap. It helps a student learn in the area of his/her choice or interest at the pace he/she likes. In essence, personalised learning is about assessing how a student learns best and then engage, encourage, and reassure him/her with correct interventions periodically.

At Amity Future Academy, we strive to provide personalized learning with 1 on 1 mentorship with industry experts, flexible yet a rigorous program schedule and conduct career weeks where our career coaches help learners to achieve their career objectives. Also, our in-house support team provides personalized support to learners by analysing their course progress, learning graphs and come up with tailor-made solutions. 

Who will be the target audience for AFA?

New-age skills don’t really have a selected target audience as it will be soon imperative for any and everyone to learn these skills to be relevant and hence our courses are taken by from a graduation pursuing student to a CXO with decades of experience and that’s where the value of training into emerging tech is – it’s for all.

What courses are available at Amity Future Academy and why should a candidate opt AFA?

At Amity Future Academy, we have extensive online programs which include topics like Blockchain Technology, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, Data Science, Business Analytics and Digital Marketing. Our content has been widely accepted across the globe with leading Universities. These programs are in collaboration with International Universities like eCornell, Wharton, ASU, Thunderbird, and Open University.

These programs are designed by industry experts and faculties from international universities to provide world-class content and train hundreds of working professionals looking to upskill in new digital skills. Our teaching pedagogy is to bridge the gap between academia & industry by following the principle of “learn by experiencing.” Thus, our programs are built with in-depth hands-on exercises like case studies, assignments & projects. During the course of the program, learners constantly engage themselves with our faculties who provides personalized feedback on submissions and solve doubts & queries.  

Some Short Term Courses




Data Science

Fundamentals of R

1.5 months

Fundamentals of Python

1.5 months

Introduction to Data Science

3 months

Blockchain Technology and Management

Blockchain Fundamentals

1.5 Months


2 Months

Fundamentals of Corda

1 Month


2 Months

Java: Basics

2 Months

Blockchain Implementation and Architecting Solutions

1.5 Months

Blockchain Use Cases

2 Months

Web page Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

3 Months

Digital Marketing


1 month


1 month


2 Months


2 Months


2 Months


2 Months


3 Months

Google Analytics

1 Month


Cybersecurity: Awareness and Safety

1 Month

Machine Learning

Fundamentals of Machine Learning with Python

1 month

Reinforcement Learning

1 Month

Supervised learning: Sakshi Babbar, Ashish Gilotra

2 Months

Unsupervised learning

1.5 Months

Deep Learning

1 Month

Business Analytics

Statistical Modelling

1.5 months

Predictive Analysis

1 month

Forecasting Techniques

1.5 months

HR Management & Analytics

Introduction to HR Management

1.5 months

When will the enrolment for AFA be starting?

We will be starting our enrolments from the month of August 2019 to mark a new beginning in skilling in India. We are also in touch with leading corporates to offer re-skilling to their existing workforce and also offer customised programs to train the workforce that can be deployed straight on projects

As the director, what are your short term and long-term goals for AFA?

Well, for now, we are focusing on reskilling and upskilling of talent force of corporates, MNC’s and SME’s.

In future, we plan to initiate a drive where the companies would be able to hire from our talent pool. We are also working along with leading global institutions' professionals to create cut edge courses.

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