Renowned Academician Dr Pritam Singh Leaves For His Heavenly Abode

He was a visionary, a role model, an academician and was one of the global gurus in leadership.

Considered a Midas Touch leader he is credited with turning around the fortunes of the Management Development Institute MDI (Gurgaon) and also IIM Lucknow. In his 45 years of the career as a Management Professor, he mentored around 200 CEOs and organized 50 board level workshops. He stamped his perspectives on policy and government issues that surround both management education and corporate. 

Padma Shri Dr Pritam Singh was also a member of the PMs Empowered Committee for selection of eminence institutions of India. He authored seven academically reputed books, three of which are award-winning. He was a globally sought after speaker and has addressed various Indian and global audiences including Chambers of Commerce in various countries.

Dr Pritam Singh was very active till his last day and a book was being written on him by his students and mentees. Dr Pritam Singh was 78 and is survived by his three sons - Dr Vikas Singh, Dr Vipul Singh, Vidhan Singh; his two daughters - Savita Rai, Alka Chawla; wife - Saroj Singh and many grandchildren. 

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