Role Of Internships For MBA Students

Internships have always been considered as a crucial cog in the wheel of MBA education. While theoretical classes lay the groundwork, the application of knowledge is what makes a management student’s education complete.

While information is available at the click of the button, experiential learning is what counts in today’s skill economy for an MBA student. Talking about the role of internships, Prof. Janat Shah, Director, IIM Udaipur says, "the reason why internships are important as the application of knowledge is crucial. Now, all of us in a pedagogy tries to bring in a fair amount of application. For example, when we do a case method study, the whole idea is to see if we can create that kind of environment. But you know, all that is still a limited environment. What your internship does is give you an opportunity to be in a real-life environment and work on a specific problem".  

While acing the MBA assignments may release a short burst of endorphins, nothing beats the experience of meeting a deadline submission with elan. Add to this, internships give an MBA student a chance to learn under supervision. And the best part is that it is during these projects that a trainee can actually figure out which domain works the best for him or her.  

Concurring a similar sentiment, Nasir Shaikh, CEO, Lexicon Group of Institutes states that internship gives them an opportunity to understand in which field they want to work. "You may have initially started I want to be a marketer. But suddenly realise that you know, human resources is the domain that I want to go into. This gives you the opportunity to kind of explore", he adds. 

Another crucial aspect that no one talks about is that internships give an MBA student a peek into office dynamics and politics. Whether it is knowing the soft skills or learning the dos and don’ts of the workplace, internships lay a solid platform. Emphasising on networking and other opportunities, students get exposed to, Prof. Preeti Bajaj, VC, Galgotia University says, "internships help students envision themselves 5-10 years down the line".  

And that’s where the expectations of generation z come in. Today’s youth is considered impatient when it comes to making career choices. The career plans are meticulously laid and growth trajectories may get defined too sooner. That’s where the human element comes into the picture which companies need to have the pulse on. 

While a classroom environment gives a student an opportunity to sharpen his intellectual understanding of managerial concepts, the secret to getting the dream job lies in action learning coupled with harnessing your emotional intelligence. And internships make it possible. The role that internships play in a student's life paves the way for his holistic professional development and can often lead to a golden future if done right.

Watch Industry experts Prof. Nagarajan Ramamoorthy, Director, IIM Amritsar; Prof. Janat Shah, Director, IIM Udaipur; Nasir Shaikh, CEO, Lexicon Group of Institutes; Preeti Bajaj, VC, Galgotia University; Rajiv Prasad, Principal, Amrita School Of Business, Kochi and Pooja Jain, Director, Jagan Institute of Management Studies delving into the critical aspects and finer nuances of internships in shaping the careers of future industry leaders.

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