Role Of Robots In Education And Business Applications

Let us embrace the humanoids as these are going to be like cream of the crop

The humanoids i.e. human lookalike robots can play an integral role in the field of education & various business applications. Present Technical institutions viz schools, colleges, institutes etc. which are still following the conventional methodology like the blackboard. Technology etc. could shift to better unconventional techniques like smart boards, tabs etc. which make the lectures and lessons more interactive and fruitful.

What are DIY kits?

In place of using theoretical concepts, one should use DIY (Do It Yourself) kits to educate the students.

DIY kits make the concepts easy to digest. The thoughts are not required to cram the concepts and the principles. They can perceive the difficult concepts in a simplified way. An English institute is equipped with language lab apparatus viz transmitters and receivers for two-way communication are likely to have an edge over a conventional one using the blackboard methodology. The audio-visual aids are proving to be a boon in education and various Business Applications. The existing computer institutes can easily diversify into robotics institutes without undergoing major revamps.

Thoughts required to venture into technology-based endeavors

An institute or a corporate office having an impressive reception can be spellbound. One can have an everlasting effect on the visitors by use of some technical devices. A front desk executive with excellent communication skills can impress the visitors but the usage of a humanoid would project the company in high strides. These are very significant measures to put the institute/company in limelight. The humanoid greeting the visitors and offering them water is sure to impress them.

The humanoid can be asked to give the information of the company/institute as per the information fed in it. It will utter the information as per the programming is done.

The humanoid if fixed with the high-resolution camera can even detect an unauthorized person thus aiding in the security too.

In case of any presence of fire/gas leakage/ weapon, it can send a warning signal. If equipped with the required sensors, it can help us in scientific applications as well. It can detect the presence of liquid, alcohol, chemical etc.

How can Humanoids be made reservoirs of knowledge database?

These can be fed with lessons and questionnaires of prominent Instructors/Professors.  These can be shifted to the schools/colleges in the remote areas where it is arduous to find out the right and learned faculty. These could be the best-off line mentors where there is no internet facility. 

These could be programmed in any language according to the region. These can prove to be a boon in the hospitals as well. These can be useful in the wake-up calls and give the medicine to the patients at specified intervals. Above all, the patients could use them for recreation and entertainment etc. also.

In a financial sector like banks etc. the robots can be used for directing the customers for different kind of accounts.

A humanoid is typically made of microcontrollers, sensors, different kinds of stepper/servo motors, display units etc. wired with cables. The persons with some programming background can make a different type of Robots according to the desired application. These can be very useful in the Quality control in production as well.

A robot on wheels with proper sensors could be a boon for an agriculturist. It could help in plowing the fields, thus minimizing the usage of animals, fuel-based tractors etc.

Let us embrace the humanoids as these are going to be like cream of the crop. Our country is bound to progress immensely in the economic growth. We would become strong in the defense sector as well by using Robotic Missiles and explosives etc.

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