Role Of Technology In Rising Education Sector

Technology and education are two aspects; if combined, they can do wonders for our humankind, with a reasonable belief of a future utopian society.

Technology is now an integral part of our lives. It has made everything available with a few clicks. There is currently no need to devote ample time to get groceries or students to stand in line to pay their college fees. Technology has taken over and made these and many other aspects efficient and easily accessible.

The incorporation of technology is flourishing in many sectors and a dream for many. For a long time, blending technology and education to make a perfect mix is continued, and numerous of them were successful. It has helped students learn better and quicker through audio and visual support and physically challenged students to overcome the barriers.

Technology and education are two aspects; if combined, they can do wonders for our humankind, with a reasonable belief of a future utopian society. Traditional education focuses more on cramming and rote memory and lesson learning.

But this blend will enable students to learn the concept better, grasp it quickly and know about its practical application.

How technology can improve the learning process

- While teaching, tutors should use audio & visual support, virtual 3D models, experiment videos, and interactive games for a better and engaging learning experience.

- Regular use of technology will enable them to denote this as fundamental and motivate them to advance technologically.

- Teachers can use online forums to know about their students, interactions and share relative information with them.

- Schools can collaborate with Ed-tech platforms to get the best teachers for crash course preparation, personality development, hobby groups and honing students' skills.

The blend of technology with education is still a debatable topic between the traditionalists and the radicals, but, pandemic made us realize how important is technology in our daily life. The effort for a successful blend has been tried by many, but the solution either lacks quality or is not cost-effective.

Technology will enhance the effect of education on us and will also bestow us with the power of applicable knowledge thus removing the stereotypes of either action-oriented or intellectual personality traits.

To curb the shortage of teachers and lack of quality education in public schools, government should partner with private schools in order to broadcast their content thus giving financially challenged students an equal opportunity to learn and perform.

Private schools can also set up their branches in a remote location as a part of their corporate social responsibility and use distance learning so thought they can function at low cost and provide quality education at very low cost.

As the current generation is growing they are mainly using technology for entertainment purposes, but if this kind of effort is put into education and learning, it will help many students study without any constraints and knowledge will not be dependent on the mighty Rupee.

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