SAI International Education Group Hosts ‘Booktopia'

'Booktopia' - A round square inspired global reading festival

SAI International Education Group hosted ‘Booktopia’ a Round Square inspired global reading fest to encourage the essence of reading. The Global event had a participation of around 500 students from seven countries: Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Rwanda, Uganda Pakistan and India.  The event is aimed at inspiring the young generation to read books and share their ideas and experiences with others.  Meghna Pant, an author and Elise Marra, a Michigan based Writer, Composer, Singer, Actor, Musician & a "teen prodigy addressed the students as the keynote speakers.

Booktopia incorporates many of the Round Square Discoveries including communications skills, inquisitiveness, inventiveness, self-awareness, appreciation for diversity, ability to solve problems, sense of responsibility, compassion, courage and teamwork.  Students gained basic life skills and got a chance to improve skills such as organizational, collaboration, problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, task management skills along with intellectual skills, cognitive strategy and verbal and written information. Furthermore, individuals reinforced their grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading and writing, basically all linguistic skills.

All Round Square inspired events to promote several of the IDEALS and this event was no exception. Internationalism is most prominent, when the youth of different countries come together under one umbrella and share their interests and find commonalities, internationalism is at the centre.

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SAI International Education group Hosts Booktopia

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