SBI Clerk Preparation 2021: Preparation Strategy

Let us first take a look at the detailed syllabus for the English language in SBI Clerk 2021 prelims. Following are some important topics:

Many candidates find preparing for the English language section difficult. And it’s only valid! Unlike numerical ability or Reasoning Ability, English does not have a fixed syllabus. Here, we would be looking at the following:

  • Exam pattern

  • Important topics for the English language

  • Preparation tips

Let us first take a look at the detailed syllabus for the English language in SBI Clerk 2021 prelims. Following are some important topics:

  • Vocabulary – Antonyms and Synonyms

  • Sentence Completion

  • Basic English Grammar

  • Tenses, Articles, Prepositions, Subject-Verb Agreement, Parts of Speech

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Error Spotting

  • Cloze Test

  • Sentence Rearrangement

  • Para Jumbles

  • Phrases and Idioms

  • Fill in the Blanks

As we mentioned in the previous section, SBI Clerk Prelims have sectional time limits for each section. Thus, it’s important to understand that it’s imperative to make good use of the 20 minutes that you will be spending on this section to achieve a good score. In the following section, we will be discussing the preparation strategy for the English language section.

Grammar forms the basis of important question types such as Sentence Rearrangement, Idioms & Phrases, Error Spotting, Sentence Correction etc. To build on your grammar by referring to helpful books such as Wren & Martin. These help you with your preparation as they cover exactly what is covered in the exam.

The expected questions types would be Reading Comprehension, Single Filler, Cloze Test, Error Spotting, Spelling Errors, Phrase Replacement. 

Use the following tips as a guide to prepare for or to attempt RC A good reading speed gives you an edge to score well in the exam, so make sure while preparing for RC you also work on your reading speed.

  1. Strictly stick to what is given in the passage and assume NOTHING else; even if it is true in day today Do NOT make any assumptions whatsoever.

  2. It is essential to balance speed and accuracy to score well in any competitive exam.  The best way in which you can gauge this is via practising multiple mock tests. Mock tests not only condition you for the real-time exam but also help you analyse your areas of strength and weaknesses.

  3. RC passages can range from a variety of topics such as Philosophy, Psychology, Economics, Politics or even We never know what might come our way. Hence, it is important that we establish a level of comfort with all such genres by reading from multiple sources. Newspapers, especially the editorials and the weekend specials are a good place to start.

  4. A major problem that all candidates face while solving RC questions is that they get confused between 2 This happens because we read to understand only what the statements say; whereas the RC questions demand our understanding of the writer’s/author’s perspective as well (this is known as reading between the lines).

  5. Just as for grammar, vocabulary is tested both directly and indirectly in the exam. There might be difficult words in the passage that may make it difficult for you to understand what is being talked about (indirect testing of vocabulary). There may be direct questions on synonyms, Hence, reading from a variety of sources is a must. Make sure you add at least 10 new words every day.

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