SP Jain Global Makes ELO Technology Accessible To Students

Award-winning ELO technology by SP Jain Global now accessible to students with hearing impairment

SP Jain School of Global Management, a Forbes #12 ranked business school, has announced the launch of ELO 5.0, a sequel to its award-winning ELO Technology. This latest version, equipped with a number of cutting-edge features, allows even students with poor bandwidth to log in and attend their online classes without freezing or disconnecting. 

Some of the other notable features of ELO 5.0 are: 

  • A new speech-to-text feature that students can use based on their learning preferences. This is also beneficial for hearing impaired students who can access classes with greater ease.
  • Notifications about classes and lessons even after students have logged out of ELO
  • Auto adjustment of streaming quality based on internet bandwidth 
  • Students can chat privately with faculty mid-lecture to solve doubts and ask questions

ELO (Engaged Learning Online), launched in late 2018, is a specialised and unique online learning platform that allows professors to make eye contact and interact with students in a setting similar to a physical classroom—even in a class of 70 students. The platform, the first of its kind in Asia, uses artificial intelligence, big data, emotion recognition systems, and robotics to deliver an engaging real-time online learning experience for students who could be at their homes or work. 

Central to the technology is a physical studio called the ELO Room, from where professors physically conduct their classes. The ELO Room has 20 large-screen TV monitors set up in an arc. As students log in, professors get a view of them sitting as though in the first row of the class. The ELO Room is set up with a robotic tracking camera that allows the professors to move freely, maintain eye contact with students, respond to their visual cues, moderate discussions, and more. 

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