SPEFL SC Initiates Strike Decimate Training Program

30 trainers of Delhi Police trained in close combat and command control and 71 female recruiters of Delhi Police trained in basic unarmed combat

SPEFL SC’s Strike Decimate Training Provided to Delhi Police Trainers & Recruits

In a bid to equip the trainers and female recruiters of Delhi Police with modern combat, command and control techniques under Skill India’s vision to create an empowered workforce, The Sports, Physical Education, Fitness and Leisure Skills Council (SPEFL SC) in close coordination with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) has initiated the Strike Decimate Programme with support from their partner, Iconfida services Pvt. Ltd. Under the programme, Delhi Police’s 30 trainers have been trained in close combat and command control techniques and 71 female recruiters have been trained in basic unarmed combat. During an event today at Police Training College, Dwarka, the trainers and recruiters provided a successful demonstration of the training received by SPEFL SC and showcased the best practices adopted. The Strike Decimate Programme is a customised course on urban warfare, counter-insurgency and combat programmes designed for Indian Law Enforcement and Special Military Operations.

The certification and assessment of the trainees have been carried forward by SPEFL SC. The certificates were distributed to the trainers jointly by SPEFL SC and Delhi Police, in the august presence of Shri S.N Mosobi, Joint Commissioner, Delhi Police, IPS; Smt. Lakshmi Kanwat, Deputy Commissioner of Police; Smt. Kusum Sharma, Assistant Commissioner Police, and other senior officials from SPEFL SC.

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