SaaS and Machine Learning (ML) Based Career Counselling Platform And How It Benefits Students, Schools And Educators

Software as a Service (SaaS) models and Machine Learning based career guidance platforms ensure that students are led to the right career paths and technology is leveraged to its full potential.

“Times, they are changing…” are not only popular lyrics by Bob Dylan, but are very applicable today specifically when we look at the current job markets and the rate at which careers have evolved over the past decade. Whether it's the domain of technology or the space of arts, the change has not only been constant but it’s been rapid too.

With this rapid change, the need for enhancing career guidance platforms was almost inevitable. The lack of awareness amongst students is evident as per research by Mindler, an ed-tech platform, which found that over 93 per cent of students are aware of less than 7 career options.

Like everything else, using technology is certainly one of the most effective ways to keep up with the pace of this evolution. This is where SaaS (Software as a Service) models and Machine Learning based career guidance platforms step in, and play a big role in ensuring not only that students are led to the right career paths, but also make sure that technology is leveraged to its full potential to minimise human bias through the whole process.

While the final decision to pursue a particular career path needs to be taken by the concerned student/ individual, the AI and ML based algorithms, with their decision tree logic, certainly aid in narrowing the choices. These algorithms take into consideration various parameters that a psychometrician would typically implement in their practice, and produce a result weighing in all the data points perfectly. 

The output of these technology led tools is that students can discover career paths where their probability to succeed is the highest as these career paths are in sync with their unique talents and abilities. This also enables students to discover emerging career pathways and evaluate the potential of growth in the same.

The benefits of this unbiased process are pretty evident both on the surface as well as on the grass root levels thus proving the magnitude of impact these platforms can have on students, schools, and educators as well. For schools, the platforms ensure that career guidance becomes an operational boon, and everything gets a structure in terms of data seamlessly. 

With over 99 per cent schools in our country lacking a career guidance setup, these solutions enable schools to create a comprehensive career guidance ecosystem and devise learning strategies in sync with student aspirations.

The educators also get an opportunity to up-skill themselves with the latest technology and get access to all the career guidance tools under one roof, rather than having to gather information from multiple resources. These systems are capable of understanding and suggesting information that a career counsellor would need for their students accurately. This directly helps the students as they are the consumers who receive quality career advice and guidance, and are able to make informed decisions about their future.

Various platforms are leading the space when it comes to helping to set up independent career guidance ecosystems in schools, and institutes through their SaaS model which is completely tech-enabled, and powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. 

Being used by over 250 schools and over 300 independent career coaches, across 5 countries, these platforms are a one-stop solution for both educators, and students to get all the answers to their career guidance related queries through tools such as the best in class 5-dimensional psychometric assessment, a comprehensive college database, a detailed library of entrance examinations, career simulators, video logs, blogs, college planning tools, analytical insights, alumni connect platform and access to an extensive list of scholarships. The fact that it has been possible to squeeze so much into one platform, is only due to the end to end use of technology to impart maximum benefits to the students.

Choosing a fitting career is one of the most important and significant decisions one makes in their life, and it’s essential that it’s done right. SaaS based career guidance platforms are not only here to stay but are only going to evolve with the pace of technology to ensure that students and educators have access to the latest information right at their fingertips. This is how the career guidance landscape in the country is being re-imagined as you even read this, and with the use of technology, what’s assured is accuracy, and with accuracy follows success; the two ingredients for a student’s successful career choice. 

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