Salesforce Guru Chitiz Agarwal Strives To Give A Breather Of Free Education In These Hard Times

Despite the fact that everything is coming to normal and there is relaxation in the restrictions, India’s service sector activity is still down.

The global pandemic and lockdown’s fatal effect on the economy of our country has been the talk of the hour. Every sector has lived the repercussion of the nation-wide lockdown. Especially, the service sector condition has been out of the woods. 

Despite the fact that everything is coming to normal and there is relaxation in the restrictions, India’s service sector activity is still down. As per the reports of the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), more than 21 million people lost their jobs. The performance of the services sector is very important as it shares almost 57% in the GDP. The rate of layoffs also triggered due to the weak demand. 

Well, a positive outcome of the pandemic is that everyone is turning towards digitization and automation. This has increased the demand as well as curiosity for salesforce and CRM solutions.

Understanding this need of the hour, Chitiz Agarwal, CEO, Techila Global Services, launched Techila Academy that provides free courses in salesforce software. The Techila Academy was opened with a bid to contributing for the service sector and to train skilled as well as knowledgeable professional in the salesforce domain. Education is something that has a long-term effect on society. Therefore, Mr Agrawal chose education to bring welfare in the service sector. 

The Techila Academy was established on September 5, 2020 (Teacher’ Day), which is same day Techila was founded 8 years ago. Speaking about the initiative Mr Agrawal said, 

“Salesforce is an explosive technology and it’s training costs around 25-1L or more. This is our way of giving back to society”. 

“Initially, we decided to train 100 students per month but in the first month itself we got 500 plus registration, this boosted our motivation and will to carry out the initiatives,” added Mr Agrawal.

The training program under Techila Academy consists of four sessions viz. Marketing cloud, salesforce admin, salesforce development, and Pardot. In these two months of the training session, students get a detailed exposure of all the topics related to salesforce, which makes them industry ready. There are other webinars too on niche skills like CPQ, Mulesoft, Cloudcraze etc. 

Another perk of joining the training program is that it is linked with an internship program. This allows the students to get practical experience and enhance their skill set. Another benefit of taking up the training is a chance to apply the skills and knowledge gained at the program. All the students are also given a mini project in the last month and a test is also conducted at the end of the program. The student’s performance eligibility to get the internship certificate. 

These training sessions are conducted by Agrawal himself along with his enthusiastic employees, who have 7-8 years of industry experience and have gratefully volunteered for the initiative.  

Techila Academy has trained as good as over 500 candidates in the last two months. It is still growing with a constant strength of students.

Mr Agrawal holds a lot of expertise in the field of salesforce, he has been associated with Accenture, IBM, and many giant companies. He is a Technical Solution Architect, Developer, and Consultant Based in New York.

He jumped into entrepreneurship eight years ago and since then he has been the maestro in designing, architecting and building Salesforce solutions. His company Techila Global Services gives its clients a seamless solution for sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, and other related products.

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