Sanskriti University Conducts Webinar On Developing Inter-Personal Skills

Sanskriti University in collaboration with ICT ACADEMY conducted a Webinar on 'Developing Inter-Personal Skills'. 

Sindhu Kalyanasundaram, Founder of Ignite academy, Sarva happiness and Anjani Kumar Sinha, CEO & founder of Xecutehub Were the Key Speakers during the webinar on 'Developing Inter-Personal Skills' organised by Sanskriti University in collaboration with ICT ACADEMY.

The webinar aimed to impart the importance of interpersonal skills and how it is useful in our personal and professional lives.

With real-life stories, Sindhu tried to explain the skills of communication and how they influence someone's life on a personal and professional front. While interacting with the participants she said "With interpersonal skills, we can connect with any person in any part of the globe. We all have our goals, and aspirations and we work towards achieving them during our journey of life. We should enjoy the journey to reach our goal. We will feel the happiness of achieving our goal if we are passionately making sincere contributions."

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