Saras-3D School Rolls Out Sponsorship Programme For Schools

Schools will be provided software and hardware designed specifically for 9th to 12th std students

Saras-3D, stereoscopic 3D technology-based learning solutions, launches its sponsorship programme for schools across India. The aim of the sponsorship program is to give a thrust to a stereoscopic 3D technology-based learning experience, that uses the power of interactive visualisation, to develop a deeper understanding of science and mathematics concepts and promote faster learning and retention. As per the company, they will bring together partners that are willing to support deserving schools and students and provide them with the skill-sets that will enable them to compete on a global scale.

Sharing further development, Saras-3D announced CHARUSAT as their first patron for this program. Under this arrangement, the satellite will exclusively sponsor a total of 12 schools across Gujarat. Each of the selected schools will receive a Stereoscopic 3D Classroom Experience, a Stereoscopic 3D Lab Experience and specialised training for teachers totally worth Rs 50 lakh. The sophisticated software consists of yearly subscriptions for 4 years for 9th to 12th-grade Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics for both the modules.

Eligibility criteria: 

· Nominations are invited from English medium schools.

 The schools imparting science (physics, chemistry and biology) and mathematics education in grades 9th to 12th must follow NCERT/CBSE curriculum.

· The student population across 9th to 12th science and mathematics classes should also be 300 or more.

Schools from all districts are invited to nominate themselves and join hands in the journey to enhance STEM learning experiences This will be a month-long process wherein various schools across Gujarat are invited to fill in their nominations, showcasing their eligibility to receive these sponsorships. A high-level committee of eminent educationist and industry experts have been formed to overlook the selection process. The committee will be led by Dr Pankaj Joshi, Distinguished Professor of Physics at Ahmedabad University; Dr Devang Joshi, Registrar Charusat and Kashyap Mankad, ex Group Director at ISRO and currently, Consulting Technical Director at 3D EdTech, Indian subsidiary of from Saras-3D.

“The School sponsorship program is the first step towards building a STEM education ecosystem, we believe India has the talent and resources to produce the best STEM innovators of tomorrow. Under this program, we will associate with like-minded organizations and institutions, to support schools build a culture of STEM education, while promoting a learning by doing methodology,” said Kashyap Mankad, Ex Group Director, ISRO and Founding Member & Consulting Technical Director, 3D EdTech.

“We are delighted that SARAS-3D has stepped forward to support our initiative to promote science and maths education. Our vision is to create an ecosystem for the proliferation of socially responsible and technically sound engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. We want deserving schools to come forward and take advantage of this opportunity and embrace technology that facilitates a culture of STEM,“ stated Devang Joshi, Registrar, Charusat.

The program aims at establishing a foundation that accelerates growth and pace of learning, thereby transforming STEM education in schools and foster tomorrow's STEM innovators and problem-solvers.

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