Saurabh Jain To Launch Own Edtech, Fun2Do Labs

The former Paytm Vice President has decided to launch his own startup, Fun2Do Labs, an edtech for kids

Following his resignation from Paytm in January, Saurabh Jain is now launching his own edtech startup, Fun2Do Labs, an open education project that uses games to advance the learning process for children.

Jain is a chartered accountant and an author. Authoring two books on mobile application technology. He has also written a book called, 'Startup Masterclass: Guide for Startup Founders'. Jain has experience in mobile game development, co-founding Skidos, an edtech startup, that built educational mobile games. He has also developed mobile games for Games2Win and  Indiagames, owned by Disney.

Fun2Do Labs aims to create a new space in edtech, called 'Transmedia Education'. The world of transmedia includes Super Mario, Doraemon and Pokemon. Currently, Fun2Do is creating mobile games which will enable kids to discover and learn Maths from Nursery to Class 5 while playing.

Jain's motto is: ‘Happy Kids, Learn More!’

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