Scaler Academy Introduces Outcome-focused Data Science & Machine Learning program

The immersive course has been structured based on research conducted with over 100+ data scientists working in top 50 tech companies globally

Scaler Academy, an ed-tech start-up for upskilling students and working professionals, today announced their new program for engineers looking to get specialised in Data Science and Machine Learning. The course is called Scaler Data Science & ML. It has been developed based on insights received from a survey conducted by Scaler with over 100 data scientists working with the top 50 tech and product companies globally.

Software engineers with a minimum of 1 year of experience will be eligible to enrol for the Scaler Data Science & ML program. The course will start by building a strong foundation in Data Structures and Algorithms. Then learners will dive into Mathematics, followed by Data Mining, Statistical Analysis, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Big Data. More than 45 critical tech tools will also be taught during the length of the course. The most impactful ones being TensorFlow, PyTorch, Kafka, PySpark, Airflow and AWS. The program will run for 11 months and will prepare aspiring engineers for roles in 3 broad buckets:

  1. Data Scientist, ML Engineer
  2. Data Engineer, ML Ops Engineer
  3. Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Product Analyst

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