Scholastic India Offers Free E-Learning Courses For Students Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Free e-learning resources are available online for children of different grades and can be accessed by them remotely on any device including mobile phones.

Scholastic India believes that children prosper best in school, supported by a community of educators who know how to support and aid each student’s individual learning journey. These, however, are unprecedented times. The uncertainty created by the 2019 novel coronavirus pandemic has compelled schools to shut down temporarily. This unexpected and untimely closure has led to an interruption in the learning momentum of children and has left parents and educators asking the question. Scholastic India has devised some creative solutions to support teachers and parents in their endeavour to help children get through this period of disruption.

It has been observed that children usually do well in a lifestyle that is structured and maintains a daily routine. With this in mind, Scholastic has come up with a plan to keep children engaged and educated, even when school is out.

Free e-learning resources that are engaging as well as educative are available online for children of different grades and can be accessed by them remotely on any device including mobile phones.

Here’s a list of virtual learning tools that children can refer to while studying at home:

1. Scholastic Learn at Home: Get free grade-wise learning resources and activities for the next twenty days. These are day-to-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking and learning, with engaging content for three hours per day; around four cross-curricular learning experiences.

2. Scholastic Classroom Magazine: A hub to help kids learn about the coronavirus. Grade-wise collection of articles to help ease their fear and empower them with age-appropriate information.

3. BookFlix: An online literacy resource from Scholastic which pairs fact and fiction to build a love of reading and learning among students from Grade KG to Grade 2. Parents can access BookFlix for free at home and help their children become early readers.

4. LitPro Library: LitPro Library helps in developing successful readers with engaging levelled eBooks. It is free and available for all students until 31 May 2020. 

Neeraj Jain, Managing Director, Scholastic India says, "The COVID-19 pandemic is posing serious challenges when it comes to continuity of education. We at Scholastic, have always prioritized and focussed on making education creatively engaging for children. Moving ahead with this emphasis, even in today’s scenario, in the absence of classrooms, we’ve enabled the flow of learning to continue by making several of our online resources available free of cost till 31st May 2020. We are elated at the overwhelmingly positive response, with huge participation from parents, teachers and the kids themselves."

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