Science and Engineering Research Board - DST And GE India To Collaborate For Advanced Technology Research

Up to INR 20 Crores funding to academic institutes for research across areas of energy, healthcare and aviation over the next five years

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To build synergy between academic institutes, labs and industries, the Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), a Statutory body of Department of Science & Technology, Government of India and GE’s John F Welch Technology Centre (JFWTC), Bengaluru is partnering for research and development in technology across the areas of energy, healthcare and aviation. Undertaken as part of the Fund for Industrial Research Engagement (SERB-FIRE), the overarching aim is to support research and development to solve critical national and global problems across these key industries. The collaboration will further help drive impetus to create a transformative research mindset to foster a novel and impactful research ecosystem in the country. The Program was launched by the SERB in collaboration with GE India on July 23, 2021.

The GE and SERB partnership specifically aims to promote innovation and solve specific challenges in areas that are i) directly of relevance to the industry, ii) Industry-academia collaboration with a focus on industry-relevant skill development leading to employability, iii) Research and joint product development by industry and academia. 

The first call for proposal shall be opened shortly to invite research proposals from academia and research labs along with defined problem statements. The proposals will need to be in one of the following themes: In Healthcare on - Remote monitoring technologies, artificial intelligence and medical devices; in Gas power on --advanced materials and coatings, decarbonization; and Renewable energy – on themes of optimization – simulations and advanced repair solution. 

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