Shaping Correctly For Life's Excursion

Gone are those days when the chief role of a school was to impart education; the school has to take more responsibility for child's upbringing than they had previously

Schools are not the only places where knowledge is bestowed. The change in schools has occurred in the school educational program as well as in the foundation and the entire working of the educational system. This denotes the introduction of another schooling system which is future-oriented, advanced and kid-driven.

"It's very important for us as parents and teachers to upskill ourselves before we think about child's upskilling. Because we come from a different experience, we come from an era where we have not been given everything," underlines Supreetha Gonsalves, AVP Growth, ExtraaEdge. 

"We want to ensure that our children get everything. That in itself as a habit builds a different paradigm for them. It makes them into different individuals," she adds.

Joining Supreetha in BW Businessworld's panel discussion on 'Change In Paradigm Of Primary Education: Shaping Correctly For Life's Excursion' was Dr Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi, Executive Vice President, Get Set Parent (AISECT) and Abhishek Kumar Yadav, Founder Chairman & Academic Director, Griffins International School. 

Watch full dialogue below:

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