Sheffield Students Launch Winning Rocket In UK Championships

Sheffield University’s engineering students launch a winning rocket at UK Championships

A team of engineering students from the University of Sheffield achieved the top spot at a national rocketry championship. The group of students, named Project SunrIde (Sheffield University Nova Rocket Innovative Design Engineering), have won first place overall after designing, building and launching their own mid-powered rocket.

The students of the university designed and manufactured a rocket named SunrIde Jr. Jr using cardboard, wood and 3D printed parts. SunrIde Jr. Jr was officially launched in the summer on 27 June 2021 from a site in Cambridge, reaching an apogee of 1474m (or 4836 ft). 

Twenty-eight teams from across the UK entered the competition and they had until 12 July 2021 to launch their rockets. Teams were scored on flight performance, payload and the reports, pictures and videos documenting the project’s entirety. Once the data from all of the teams were collected, analysed and verified, UKSEDS confirmed that the university’s team placed first overall.

As winners of the competition, the team will now tour the facilities of competition sponsors, Orbex, a UK-based spaceflight company, and join a test firing of the company’s main stage rocket engine. 

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