Shift To Online Was Inevitable, But Pandemic Has Fast-tracked And Enforced This: Gaurav Kumar, Edumarshal

In an exclusive chat with BW Education, Gaurav Kumar, Co-founder & CEO, Edumarshal talks about the firm and more.

What were your strategies to cope with the impacts of COVID-19 on the teaching-learning process?

COVID-19 brought about a paradigm shift in the teaching-learning process. Classrooms went from physical tangible spaces to Virtual Classrooms over the web. With our integrated approach to Virtual Classrooms, we were able to deliver a seamless transition for our clients ensuring that online classes did not just mean a disconnected learning space but an extension of the physical classroom. The tight integration of our LMS and student-teacher-conferencing platform ensured that students and teachers could join classes from within the Virtual Learning centre where all other course resources including presentations, videos, documents and learning activities were available for them to engage before, during or after the session.

We delivered connected virtual classrooms, not just a web-conferencing experience.

Provide some Pre-Corona and Post-Corona figures, regarding the schools approaching you?

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, the schools were primarily reaching to us for our state-of-art School ERP system to streamline their school operations. Post-Corona, we have seen a 300 per cent increase in schools reaching out to us to additionally opt for our Virtual Classroom solutions. While the adoption and migration from classroom learning to e-learning and hybrid learning was slowly taking place, COVID-19 has fueled and fast-tracked this adoption permanently. The new normal of learning is here to stay and schools and institutions that are the early adopters will be able to fine-tune their processes and teaching methodology better.

What kind of innovations were made at the infrastructure level?

We have deployed our Integrated Virtual Learning Platform on the cloud to allow for auto-scaling to deliver to schools, colleges and Institutions at scale. The Edumarshal Virtual Classroom platform allows seamless onboarding and delivery of online education from 50 students to 500,000 students in the same integrated and simple way. Thanks to our ability to automatically autoscale as our Virtual Learning Platform is built from ground-up keeping the School, Teacher and Learner at the centre stage.

What changes do you see coming into the teaching pattern Post-COVID-19?

While COVID-19 has ushered an era of Virtual Education and Online Learning, the trend is here to stay. The transition was inevitable, but the pandemic has fast-tracked and enforced this, which has led to mass adoption and the ability to see the positive aspects and benefits of delivering education online. While the physical classroom may not be completely replaced, it is certainly going to be complemented with Online Classes and Asynchronous learning and Grading. The Edumarshal Virtual Learning Platform delivers the best Learning experience bringing at the forefront best learning tools and methodologies such as Adaptive Learning, Competency-Based Learning, Gamification and Social Learning. All integrated with our feature-rich student-teacher conferencing system.

Do you find yourself prepared to fight with such a situation in the future and ensure continued learning? 

The schools and Institutions of today have taken on this challenge head-on. The adoption of LMS and Web-conferencing has ensured minimum disruption to student learning. Edumarshal believes that the processes of institutions will become so resilient using platforms like Edumarshal Virtual Classrooms that such situations would not affect the ability to deliver online education going forward.

What solutions can you suggest to the low-budget schools who can’t afford platforms like your’s?

The Edumarshal Virtual Classrooms was founded to enable schools of sizes to be able to adopt and use our services. Our pricing has been designed to cover schools that may have lower budgets. We believe education is for all, and our vision is to enable all schools, whether big or small with the same set of tools for an integrated learning experience with the best learning outcomes for all children. Please reach out to us to understand better about our pricing methodology that works for all schools. 

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