Skill Based Gaming As Alternate Career

Today's generation does not hesitate to explore various career options and their mindsets have also evolved regarding choosing a career which is fun rather than clerical.

The career scenario and job opportunities in alternate careers have drastically changed in India. Old age practices of becoming doctors, engineers and pilots are no more the dreams of most youth today. The demand for profitable, unconventional careers has grown due to the digital revolution.  

Today's generation does not hesitate to explore various career options and their mindsets have also evolved regarding choosing a career which is fun rather than clerical. Given the current scenario, we can say that these millennials can certainly look to build their career in the gaming industry which is quite promising and is evolving with each day. 

Growth of the Indian Gaming Industry 

The gaming industry in India has grown significantly over the past few years. According to a report by Statista, The Indian gaming industry market value was about 62 billion Indian rupees in 2019 and has been prophesied to go up to over 250 billion rupees by 2024. The abundance of new and quirky career opportunities in the Indian gaming industry shows the constant evolution of this sector.  

Apart from this, the investments from global leading companies like Alibaba, Youzu, Nazara and Tencent have led to the massive evolution of online gaming in India.  

India will soon be leading the gaming industry globally as it will encompass over 300 online gaming startups. Upcoming startups are upgrading and introducing newer formats in the realm, enhancing the technology and the performance, using modern technologies like AR, VR and AI. 

By 2022, the market size of the employees within the gaming sector would be over 40 thousand. From creating immense opportunities for gaming enthusiasts to transforming skill-based gaming as an alternate career option, the industry is also providing the opportunity to top young talents from development and designing fields contributing to its massive growth. Today, a career in skill-based gaming has become a mainstream job opportunity for youth. The industry has a huge demand for experts in this field, from data scientists and programmers to UX designers, audio engineers, gaming app developers and, lately, consumer behaviour experts.  

The rise in demand for unconventional careers in gaming 

The skill-based gaming industry in India is growing at a rapid pace. This growth of the online gaming market is driven by factors like high youth population, affordable new technologies, remuneration, vast internet reach and growing local developer ecosystem. Millions of people are engaging in online gaming for entertainment or to learn new tactics and some to pursue it as a serious career option.  

Many gaming companies are developing new games and updating existing ones to attract more players. It has led to an array of new career opportunities in the gaming industry. Building a career in this industry is not only limited to developing games or mastering the technology behind them. A serious profession of becoming a professional e-gamer is beginning to gain popularity. India is predicted to have 628 million gamers by the end of 2020.  

For young aspirants, many online courses are available like the poker course at IIM Kozhikode and few other online rummy playing courses which provides a career pathway for gaming enthusiasts similar to that of other conventional careers, starting with an entry-level and going to the top.  

Rise of E-sports 

For the uninitiated, E-sports is competitive video-gaming at a professional level. Sadly, many think of it as playing games on mobile phones or laptops. To clear the perception, E-sports is a more professional way of playing with the requirement of a specialised skill set. This is different from playing mobile games for entertainment purposes and is often based on organized multi-player video games. In E-sports, there are different competitions and tournaments which need players to play against each other. Therefore, a professional e-sport player invests a huge number of hours to hone his skills, strengthen his strategies and learn the techniques of playing.  

E-sport includes games like PUBG, Poker, FIFA, Counter-Strike and Rummy to name a few. 

Card games have been popular in Indian culture since the Mughal courts of the 1500s even before the advent of internet technology. The passion for card games in India is also evident from the report as over 8 per cent of the total games developed are card games such as Online Rummy, Poker and Teen Patti. Rummy is one such E-sports that requires a professional skill set to win or make money for a living. Just like a game of chess, rummy requires practising and strengthening of strategies and moves. As each hand is dealt with differently, it requires a certain kind of precision to play and win. When playing professionally, skill in rummy is displayed in the activity of memorising discarded cards and mentally estimating the probability of obtaining useful cards from the closed deck or the recent discard.  

The employment growth in this industry is countless but it depends upon factors like skills, performance, creative thinking and decision making. Gaming, which was earlier a simple video application, has now evolved to complex and virtual gaming consoles. A career in skill-based gaming is bright and promising, one must constantly keep maturing skills. 

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