SkillEnable Collaborates With IEM For Employability-Based Learning

SkillEnable along with Institute Of Engineering And Management BCA & M.Sc (Computer Science) Department paves a way to employability-based future of education.

SkillEnable collaborates with IEM, Kolkata’s BCA & M.Sc (Computer Science) Department, to raise awareness about the data science tool called R. They gave students the hands-on opportunity to work with the tool.

The two-hour classes covered the topics with Live Case Studies the students could gain relevant knowledge to use this tool for basic works. The topics include:

  1. Introduction to Analytics and R.
  2. Introduction to Regression and Classification; Logistics Regression using R
  3. Simple classification use case

The objective of SkillEnable behind this is to educate engineering students about a variety of career options at their disposal. Data science is a booming field. This discipline is evolving to achieve new heights every passing day. The field offers an attractive salary and an exciting career option to the students.

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