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Financial literacy is important, yet a much-ignored area of education. Bhavishya Chaurasia, Co-Founder, Education10x, has taken up that cause

Formal education system doesn’t take into account financial literacy, a very important part of adult life while preparing kids for the future. For kids who don’t come from generational wealth or traditionally powerful/wealthy sections of their society, a lack of financial knowledge can have a particularly far-reaching impact on their future prospects. Education10x is going to plug this learning gap to level the playing field for kids around the world. 

Bhavishya Chaurasia, Co-founder of Education10x, describes, “Our mission is to make kids everywhere in the world financially smart and literate so they grow up to be adults who make smart money decisions in the future. The reason we’re doing this is that most kids develop their money habits and attitudes towards money by the age of seven."

Elaborating on the need for education to be practical and relevant to the times, he says, “I don’t think traditional education systems around the world are leveraging the phenomenal leaps made by technology or are upgrading their content as fast as they should be. The world we’re living in is changing so rapidly, a lot of curriculum in even modern subjects gets outdated quickly. I definitely think tech absorption and content upgrades are the two most important needs of the hour when it comes to kids’ learning." 

He also feels very strongly that the role that education and learning need to play is to teach kids how to think, not a script of what to believe, since we don’t know what the future is going to look like. This can only be achieved when they can use what they’re learning and when they’re learning things that will help them navigate the world more confidently. 

The road has been full of stumbling blocks and the biggest hurdle has been the cultural and personal reservations about conversations around money, especially when it comes to money. As Chaurasia describes, “Many parents in all parts of the world still feel they need to protect their kids from the big, bad world by keeping money considerations out of their childhoods.” 

But he shares that there is an increase in the number of schools that want Education10x to partner with them to bring financial literacy to their kids. 

Education10x has now been acquired by BrightCHAMPS, a testimony to the impact of the work they have been doing.

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