Smoother Transition To Online Mode, Helping Students Resuming Their Preparations

Where it was easy for the big players to shift to this mode as they had the infrastructure and logistics, but for the small players, it was extremely difficult for this paradigm shift.

Though the New Year brought with it some anticipation of hope and determination among aspirants gearing up for various entrance examinations and prosper in their respective career ahead. But a seldom thought pandemic would arrest the millions of dreams under the lockdown, and that too especially during the most crucial academic month of March. With still some board exams to be conducted, many students were still in a dismal state.

Usually, the beginning of the new financial year from April blooms the coaching industry that is fully charged and ready to welcome the future of India. While this year where until now the Nation has been under lockdown, all education institutions have been kept close. The coaching institutes that were busy in nurturing young talents of India in helping them achieve their desired goals are now on the verge of getting shut down, just like any other sector. This has kept many in a mystic air forcing them to anticipate ‘How to proceed further?” Everyone was asked to stay indoors in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown. The places which were once bustling with students were suddenly quiet and empty.

During such a crisis, it was only apt to transform from offline mode to online method of education. The unprecedented shift because of the global pandemic brought online education to the mainstream. Where it was easy for the big players to shift to this mode as they had the infrastructure and logistics, but for the small players, it was extremely difficult for this paradigm shift.

The Timely transformation

Known for providing quality education to its student, we are always at the forefront to tackle any challenge, and this time the challenge is gigantic. While it is not easy to make a sudden and smooth transition from offline mode to online mode, but with the involvement of a determined technical team, the smooth transformation was possible. Being on its toes to help the students who are on the threshold of taking a decision about their careers. The qualified counsellors are taking these webinars and shaping the thoughts and dreams of the students into reality. 

1. The PSIS saviour - We have always been suggesting students to develop a habit of studying online. The online portal Pratham Student Information System (PSIS) was developed keeping this in mind. Live Interactive classes with high rated technology will be given to all the students from the highly dedicated In-House faculty. It will give you a seamless immersive experience through the PSIS. The students are constantly encouraged to go online and refer to practice material, but amongst the time of COVID-19, it became more relevant and was used optimally.

2. Optimized and Comprehensive Study Material - It was a challenge to ensure that every student has got the material in time and to digitize it so that students can use it promptly without hassles was a point that was kept in mind by the core academic team and continuously worked hard to create and develop content suiting for online studies.

3. Test Series - The exams were scheduled, postponed, and rescheduled. Many colleges and universities changed their exam patterns. Being quick enough to modify its mocks according to the changed pattern. Regular analysis of these mocks was provided to the students so that they can practice regularly.

4. Increased number of hours - Known for the rigorous schedules and extensive classroom sessions. People anticipated and thought that it will not be possible for us to this in an online mode, has yet again proved everyone wrong and has already provided over 500 hours of teaching and is still counting.

5. Individual Mentoring - One of the major concerns of parents is attention to students. Taking pride that online mode has not hindered its Unique Advantage which is Student Mentorship. An initiative was taken where Personalised mentorship was provided to the students to solve not only academic doubts but also, take care of their mental health by counselling and motivating them to stay positive.

6. Increased Doubt clearing sessions - Another concern of parents and students is doubt clearing, which has provided various ways to the students to clear doubts. Special sessions were organised to clear the doubts for the clarity of all the concepts.

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