Sona College Of Technology Sets Up Modern Institutional Repository; Benefits Global Scholarly Community

Sets up AI-assisted Open Access platform to make paywalled research publications and journals accessible to the researchers’ community

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Instituted in 1997, Sona College of Technology has recently announced the setup of a modern Institutional Repository with an aim to archive and make the paywalled research papers accessible for researchers across the globe.

Of total scientific articles published, 60.34% of scientific articles have regularly received citations from the Web of Science and Scopus. This reflects the quality and accuracy of research conducted at the institute. Based on the number of scholarly works published, Sona College of Technology ranks on top of the most active institutions list in leading fields of study.

According to numerous studies and preliminary analysis, there exists a strong correlation between article downloads and citation count. The institute also found the reader demographics to include corporates and MNCs. This has opened up potential collaboration opportunities in different sectors.

As of today, around 81% of global publishers formally allow some form of self-archiving in Open Access knowledge repositories. Self-archiving is essentially when the author uploads a free, electronic copy of their research in an online repository, thus making it accessible for other researchers as pre-prints or post-prints.

The institute further aims to join the growing list of international universities that introduce ‘rights retention policies. It’s a popular initiative that ensures researchers and faculty keep the right to share their work in repositories without breaching copyright agreements. A move that will be welcomed by the community.

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