Stanford University Ranks 13 LPU Faculty Members Amongst Top 2% Of Scientists In The World

Puts the spotlight on the illustrious research work conducted by LPU across fields ranging from AI & Image processing to neurology and biotechnology.

Thirteen Lovely Professional University professors have been ranked amongst the top 2 per cent of scientists in the world by the prestigious Stanford University in the United States. The list has been created by Dr John Loannidis, Professor at Stanford University and his research team to provide a complete look at citation metrics. 

Dr Akhil Gupta for Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing; Dr Chander Parkash for Industrial Engineering & Automation; Dr Pranav Kumar Prabhakar for Pharmacology & Pharmacy; Dr Amit Mittal & Dr Vijay Mishra for medicinal & biomolecular chemistry; Dr Devesh Tiwari for neurology & neurosurgery; Dr Naveen Gupta for fluids & plasmas; D Buddhi & Vikram Kumar Kamboj for environmental sciences; Vijay Kumar for biotechnology; Ravinder Kumar for energy are amongst the list of professors from LPU who have found a place in the list. 

This is the first classification that systematically ranks all the most-cited scientists in each scientific field to a sufficient ranking depth. The analysis, conducted using research publications up to 2020, was published in PLOS Biology, a peer-reviewed scientific journal, on October 19. The data includes all the scientists who are among the top 1,00,000 across all fields, according to the composite citation index.

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