StayQrious Launches World’s First Neo-School

The concept of Neo-School is to make international-standard education accessible to all.

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With the vision to make international standard education accessible to everyone, StayQrious, an ed-tech startup, has launched the concept of a Neoschool. A Neoschool is an online school that teaches children real-world skills, social confidence and learning mindsets that regular schools and tuitions don't teach. Children attending the StayQrious online Neoschool in the evening along with their regular school upgrade get access to international standard education for a fraction of the cost.

With an ever-increasing share of expenditure on supplementary education due to the growing need for out-of-school learning, driven by increasing aspirations and demands for international standard education, it becomes important to offer more than conventional subjects and repeat-of-school classes. StayQrious, with its unique practical and brain-science based teaching methodology, trains children in small 1:6 mixed-age classrooms on key knowledge like design thinking, collaborative problem solving, scientific thinking etc. A dedicated 'learning coach' trains children on how to work in teams and communicate courageously, trains them to have the emotional mindsets to handle future uncertainty and most importantly, teaches them effective study techniques so that they can self-learn whatever they need to in the future.

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