Staying Away From The Mainstream For A While, Gives You A Better Perspective To Come Up With More Innovative Work: Nitin Jain, OnCourse Vantage

Nitin Jain, Co-founder, OnCourse Vantage engaged in a conversation with Dr Annurag Batra Chairman & Editor-in-Chief BW Businessworld and exchange4media.

BW Education hosted Wednesday Wisdom to discuss 'The Gig Economy & New Age Career' with Nitin Jain, Co-founder, OnCourse Vantage. He engaged in a conversation with Dr Annurag Batra Chairman & Editor-in-Chief BW Businessworld and exchange4media. 

Talking about the experiences of last six months, Nitin said, “Interesting to say the least, it took everyone by surprise and so did we get impacted but contrary to what everyone feels, honestly I haven’t repented the last six months. I think it’s been really interesting. I have read more; I have spent more time with my family. So personally, I have enjoyed this period. I have actually researched more. I feel when you are a little bit away from the mainstream for a while, it just gives you a better perspective to come up with some more innovative work.” So, we have improvised a lot and that comes through, even on the professional front, he added.

Dr Batra asked further, “Rain has its rainbow, every cloud has its silver lining and every night/darkness has its stars, so tell us what are the stars and rainbows that you kind of plucked out of this ecosystem in the last six months?” Responding to this, Nitin explained, “We have not been impacted the way a lot of my friends and other industries have been. We have actually done fairly well. There has been a far better involvement and work. The interaction has been a lot more. So, I think the stars really have been that we are doing as well as if not better than in previous years. Of course, we need to do a lot more value addition also for students and parents.

Nitin advised the professionals, parents and students about learning, up-skilling and re-skilling by suggesting them to treat higher-education, not as an end objective. “The moment you try and establish that as a means to an end and use higher education and especially the undergrad experience, as more an empowering, enriching bit. So, therefore the focus is more cross-disciplinary," he asserted.

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