Students From Aakash Institute Top Indian Olympiad

Qualifier in Biology (IOQB) Exam; 5 Aakashians score ranks in the Top 10

Five Aakashians have secured ranks in the Top 10 (AIR 1, 2, 6, 8 and 10) at  Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Biology (IOQB), which is the second stage exam of the Indian National Level Science Olympiad. The examination is organized by the Association of Teachers in Biological Sciences in association with the Indian Association of Physics Teachers and Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE). Each year over 30,000 students of 12th Standard or below, sit for this examination.

Aakashians who have secured top ranks are Dhiren Bhardwaj AIR 1, Anshul AIR 2, Sahil AIR 6, Darsh Kaustubh AIR 8 and Divyansh Soni AIR 10. Dhiren and Anshul will be representing India at the International Biology Olympiad (IBO) to be held between July 24-28, 2021. A total of 19 students from Aakash Institute have cleared part 2 of the exam. 

Two students from Aakash Institute have got selected in the (IOQC) Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Chemistry (Anshul & Vaibhav Bajaj) and one student got selected in (IOQP) Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Physics (Pravar Kataria). Three Aakashians (Anmol Arichwal, Ayan Goswami and Mayukh Chowdhury) have also got selected in the INMO (Indian National Mathematical Olympiad).

IOQB is intended for students of 12th standard, though 11th standard students are also allowed to give the examination. There is a designated statewide quota according to which the students are selected for the next stage. Furthermore, all students scoring greater than 80% of the average and of the top ten scores at the national level (called Merit Index Score) get automatically selected irrespective of the statewide quota. Usually, the top 1% of students from this examination are selected to sit for the Indian National Biology Olympiad.

On the basis of performance in IOQB, the top students in the merit list are selected for Stage III Orientation Camp (OC) in biology. The selected team undergoes a rigorous training programme at HBCSE in theory and experiments. Special laboratories have been developed at HBCSE for the purpose of experimental training. Resource persons from HBCSE and different institutions across the country train the students.

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