Students Help Speed Up Cancer Diagnosis At New Julia Garnham Centre, University Of Sheffield

Named after inspirational geneticist Julia Garnham, the facility will help to reduce the time it takes to diagnose certain types of blood cancer

The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Children’s NHS (National Health Service) Foundation Trust has officially opened the Julia Garnham Centre, a new genomic pre-screening facility, which helps NHS geneticists to diagnose blood cancers.

Based in the University of Sheffield’s Firth Court, the new remote NHS work placement centre provides students with essential experience and training in genetic analysis. The students prepare anonymised cancer cases, making them ready for NHS Geneticists to analyse, which helps to save time for Sheffield Children's and speeds up the time it takes to report these types of cancer results.

The Julia Garnham Centre is the first of its kind in helping the analysis of genetic karyotypes for leukaemia patients. During a three month trial, the facility improved the time it took Sheffield Children's genetics team to analyse and report cases.

The centre is named after Julia Garnham, an inspirational Sheffield genetic technologist who worked for Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust’s genetics department for over 30 years helping to diagnose genetic diseases, including many cancers.

Julia, who sadly passed away in 2018, dedicated her career to ensuring high-quality preparations and offering excellent training and development for scientists managing the genetic analysis to ensure patients, including those with cancer, received a high quality and timely diagnosis, a core ambition of the new centre.

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