Students Obstruct College Admissions In Protest Against Fee Increase

The student unions of Manipur University's 12 colleges have sealed the administration blocks and major gates of the institutions in order to halt the admission process.

In order to protest the increase in admission fees at Manipur University institutions, student unions from 12 colleges have sealed the administration buildings and major gates of the colleges, thus halting the admission process

In a press conference held at Imphal College in Kwakeithel as part of a united forum of student unions from colleges affiliated with Manipur University, Imphal College Students' Union general secretary Oinam Premdas stated that 'while people are suffering from the covid pandemic, an increase in admission fees is a huge blow to the student community. This year, a new “fee to be deposited in Government account” has been established. Despite the fact that sports and cultural fees paid to Manipur University have gone unutilized, the entrance price has been raised this year due to the covid epidemic', he complained.

'Student unions decided to demonstrate when the authorities began the admission process without paying attention to their demand for a rollback of an unjustified increase in entrance fees. He added that admission will be denied until the admission fee is reduced' He added.

Oinam Premdas went on to say that it is a setback that Manipur University has increased the entrance price when other universities have lowered it because of the hardship of covid-hit pupils. He vowed to maintain the protest until the price structure was altered, and he stated the relevant department should be held accountable for any adverse occurrence.

Representatives from 12 college student unions attended the news briefing.

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