Students Should Focus On Weak Areas Which Remained In Class 11th & 12th: Saurabh Kumar, Vidyamandir Classes

In an exclusive interaction with BW Education, Saurabh Kumar, Director Academics, Vidyamandir Classes, spoke about the institute and more.

How VMC is adjusting with the sudden change that occurred due to COVID-19? 

VMC is equipped with online platforms for testing since 2006 & teaching since 2016 so it was a bit easy for us to go online overnight. The nationwide lockdown was declared on 22nd March and VMC went online from 24th March so the effective classes from founder & team and they happening countrywide with class notes and videos available to students immediately after the class. 

How 12th pass students should prepare for IITJEE and NEET preparation? 

They have to focus a lot on their studies as this is an extra year of life they are investing in preparation and they don’t have any other work to do. They don’t need to study English and 5th subject, they don’t need to make a project or practical files or any wastage of time in co-curricular activities so all-time for studies without an excuse. They should focus on weak areas which remained in class 11th & 12th and also give a lot of tests analyse them find their weak areas and improve upon them. Solve previous year papers and understand the psychology of the exam.   

What are the options for 12th pass students in the pandemic affected year? 

All options are same as a normal year no exam course has been called off only difference is that both college coachings are in the online mode of teaching so students should have self-motivation to take benefit of the same. 

How VMC constantly innovates their academic offer to help their students?

VMC continuously help the students in multiple ways as it can. We have run the entire crash course free on YouTube for 2020 students as they could not go to coaching and this was the last lap in their preparation. We continuously motivate our students towards their goals and track their performance minutely and give counselling to them. 

Does NEP affect the Private Coaching Industry? 

No in my personal opinion it will give more options for the industry to explore.  

The delay in entrance examinations, increased or decreased the stress level of students? How?  

It has increased the stress on the students as anxiety level is increasing day by day their preparation was ready to give exam in may now the exam has already delayed by 5 months and they have fear of losing on an academic year and a precious year of their life.   

Please suggest a few tips for JEE and NEET aspirants for the upcoming NEET and IITJEE exam. 

  • Make an effective timetable: Now that you are at home, you can easily divide your timetable in a better manner and increase the study hours steadily for a strong preparation 

  • Mock tests: Take a mock test daily and if you don’t have the current mock tests, attempt previous year papers. It is strongly advised to stick to the notes and resources which you have prepared during the past two years or so. Do not fall prey to free resources provided online as they will only confuse you further and could also give misleading information  

  • Subject wise study: Choose the subject which needs more preparation first and focus on weak points. Spend more time on weak topics and solve questions on a daily basis to overcome the challenging topics 

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