Study Group Launches Job Ready Programme

Job Ready programme launched for Indian students studying at its UK partner universities. Students will learn valuable skills that will increase their ability to secure employment and develop work experience whilst they study

To bring Indian students studying abroad the most promising chance of securing a job, leading global international education provider Study Group has rolled out its ambitious Job Ready Programme that can allow applicants to demonstrate their skills and job readiness while studying at its UK partner universities. Study Group will cover the cost of the service for all students who confirm their place at a UK International Study Centre or International College.

The Job Ready programme has been designed specifically to support Indian students to develop key transferable skills to increase their chances of securing a job, enabling them to earn whilst they learn and access global employment opportunities once they graduate from university. 

Delivered by Study Group’s career development partners, students will receive educational materials and support for CV writing and profile presentation, will benefit from interview coaching and mock interviews, and upon completion of the programme will be eligible to receive dedicated assistance in securing up to three interview opportunities with potential employers. Interviews will be conducted for companies located close to the students’ chosen International Study Centre or International College.

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