Teacher's Day Special: 5 Reasons Why India Needs To Pay Its Teachers Higher Salaries

Relevant players in India, it so seems, still lack the vision to see the importance of teachers

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A teacher is someone who guides the future of a country by preparing the gen next. Many countries and their governments throughout the world recognise this and hence ensure that their teachers are paid high salaries so that they remain satisfied with their jobs and continue to churn out fresh talent. 

Relevant players in India, it so seems, still lack the vision to see the importance of teachers. While many awards are in place to recognise teachers for their brilliant service, salary still seems to be an issue (if not in the higher education sector, then surely in the primary and middle education sector). Here are five reasons why India really needs to raise salaries of its teachers:

1) India Is Mine Of Talent: According to a UN report, India has the world's largest youth population. The advantage? Any sane mind would realise. While more number of youth bring more energy into the system, it is important to channelise that energy and only a teacher can do that. Indian teachers need to be motivated to prepare the youth of the country to help India become a global super power. What better motivation than higher pay, eh?

2) Respectable Profession: While every profession is respectable in its own sense, the profession of teachers needs to be made respectable, at least in perception. Lower salaries tend to, psychologically, lower the respectability factor. It is hence important to keep a teacher's salary at par with any other respectable profession.

3) Quality Of Teachers: Higher salaries will also mean stringent process of hiring involved. Nobody wants to waste money? The scenario might throw some out of the teaching pool, it will ensure that only quality teachers remain.

4) Long Working Hours: While a teaching job mostly entails half a day's work, many teachers leave schools not earlier than 4 or 5 in the evening, hence putting extra hours at work. Over time should be a reason enough to increase salaries, no?

5) It Is Time: Tradition has it that teaching has been recognised as the most important profession in India in the past. It is only time that we realise the true potential of teachers again and help them churn out true potential of India's youth.

Hence, on behlaf of all the teachers, BW Education requests the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to ensure higher pay scales for Indian teachers.

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