Tech Trends: How E-Learning Platform Are Transforming Education In India

E-learning is considered as a revolution which is breaking various educational barriers, is highly beneficial for the intellectual growth of an individual.

In today's advanced technology and digitalization era, e-learning is a boon and plays a vital role in the development of an individual as well as the future of the nation. The impact of advanced technology has witnessed the shift from conventional learning methods to e-learning methods.  

E-learning is considered as a revolution which is breaking various educational barriers, is highly beneficial for the intellectual growth of an individual and helps in generating an intellectual society. The change in the education system and learning methods is necessary because time has evolved, what was relevant earlier might not be equivalent today. Various challenges in conventional learning methods which are repetitive, costly, limited to the classrooms, fixed timing and fixed concept for learning, can be overcome through the latest e-learning trends. 

In the country, where traditional higher education may not be possible for all due to financial, personal or any other constraints, the e-learning method/platform can act as a support system to the education industry. Today, India has the latest e-learning trends in the education industry that are being used by developed countries from a very long period. Some of them are Distance education (Postal, Radio, TV), E-Learning, Gamification,  Open Educational Resources (OER), Cloud-based e-Learning, Big Data in e-Learning, Massive Open Online Courses, Microlearning, Mobile Learning etc. 

E-learning transforming education in India 

Technology has revolutionized the scope of education in India. E-learning concept is providing an opportunity to participate in engaging and interactive sessions, helping students with lucid concepts and to make them more competitive. Earlier, monotonous hour-long typical classroom sessions have now transformed into interesting ones.  With the latest technology spreading its wings to the education industry, online/digital education has made life easier for both students and teachers. According to the KPMG report, the Indian online education industry will reach $1.96 billion by 2021. The user base of online education is expected to grow up to 9.5 million users in 2021, at a CAGR of 44 per cent. E-learning has become one of the most preferred methods of learning among millennials.  

Advanced internet connectivity, rise in numbers of smartphone users, adoption of digital payments options, and increase in participation at the government level have significantly aided in the growth of the digital market/ online education in India. Latest e-learning platforms are helping students, educators and institutions in evaluating the performance as a whole and are frequently being adopted by educational institutions in India. E-learning is leading universities and educators to students at homes and hostels through internet connectivity over smartphones, laptops, computers, etc. E-learning helps to train, evaluate skills through quizzing, interactive sessions, providing ample opportunity to resolve queries using webinars. Easily accessible for students anytime and anywhere, especially living in rural areas and tier 2 and 3 cities.  

The society is also evolving with developing technology. Unconventional fields of learning/education are too observing changes however, these changes are not covered in traditional learning methods. Hence, students do not get updated information through traditional education. Therefore e-learning methods for unconventional courses have become more effective in providing quality education. E-learning platforms assist students to get personalized advice from educators or experts, bringing quality education to students. This makes the entire learning experience fun-filled by including quizzes, challenges, practical-oriented, and interactive.  In fact, e-learning facilities are more engaging than classroom learning. 

Quality education comes at a huge cost but with the advent of e-learning trend/facilities, students can easily access education at a much lower cost. Through e-learning methods, students can focus on building a career or become job-ready, discovering interests most effectively and efficiently. It is just the beginning of the unprecedented concept of e-learning which has the potential to bring the coveted change in the entire education system in India and provide a better learning environment for the aspiring millennials. 

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