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In the era of creating a future, let’s take a ride to the need for coding in the early stage of education.

2020 is revolutionary in many ways, one thing the pandemic caused by COVID-19 has taught the world to accept technology like never before. Everyone is bound to accept this new era of the digital platform and Artificial Intelligence. With the propagation of technology and AI in the 21st century, we are at the doorstep of realizing the true power of computing. Stepping into the new world, coders are on the front line of this technological change, releasing new ideas, and altering the global dynamics. India as well is accepting this change, and further to this, the education ministry of India has introduced the New Education Policy.  

From ancient days to the present time, Education has been evolving drastically. It has developed in a dynamic way to make communication better and easier. According to the New Education Policy, many reformations are being announced to re-establish the education code. It has given rise to many debates in the entire education fraternity. The most discussed reformation of NEP is -- Introduction of Coding from Grade- 6 in the schools of India.   

It’s very evident that the world is seeing a huge emergence and rise in technologies which makes the techies fight hard to survive with this rapid change. Meanwhile, coding has become an integral part of their lives and the Computer Science industry is also witnessing a huge rise in jobs related to coding and software applications. In these times of digital and technological advancement, Coding is converting logical actions into a dialect that is being developed for the understanding of computers. This in turn enables us to dabble with apps, create software and websites, play amazing video games, and many more. This is a major reason why having great knowledge of technology is as essential as having knowledge of other subjects. Technology coupled with digitalization has upgraded the level of education. There is an urgent need to upgrade the level of children’s minds. It can be done by teaching them the coding language and programming from the beginning of their education. 

Let’s take a glance at ‘why every child should learn to code’: 

  • Coding develops problem-solving skills. 

  • Computer programming is challenging for kids, so it helps them develop flexibility and resilience. 

  • Coding gives space to think and enhance thinking capability in children. 

  • Despite being so technical, computer programming helps in thinking creatively. 

  • It has the power to create a future. 

  • The coding industry is in a dire need of powerful computing brains. 

  • Maths is always boring for children, but coding changes it into a fun activity. 

  • It is a fun learning process. 

As we have realized that coding can be seen as a boon in the future, there is a strong need for an education industry to focus on providing complete knowledge about coding from an early age. The institutions need to enhance a well-designed coding curriculum to educate the students and help them to face the challenges of the 21st century. Coding not only makes one understand the rapid change in technology but it also makes one's job application stand out. This skill proves to be quite a handful in getting jobs.   

Having knowledge of code language is not just a skill it is also the step in learning to be the Creators of Technology. Industries are searching for good techies in good pay but lack of coding knowledge in individuals is just acting as a backdrop. There are many people out there who are capable of learning this skill but in order to do so, they need proper guidance as per the demand of the software industry. This guidance can only be offered through platforms that give 100% to code and software development.    

Coding is the key for all of us to solve real-world challenges in a blink of an eye. To empower the future generation with the coding skills for a better future, it is necessary for institutes to lay strong emphasis on the vitality of Coding and the subject should be included in the schools as early as Grade 1. As it is easy to teach a kid's raw mind and develop it for future possibilities, coding in such early grades curriculum can help mold the brains of students in the right direction. These can also be taught through various technology-based brain games.  

For better job possibilities and good personality development, coding could prove to be very helpful. 

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