The Idea Is To Ensure That A Routine Is Being Followed By Kids: Pratima Kamble, Miracle Foundation India

In an exclusive interaction with BW Education, Pratima Kamble, Senior Education Coordinator, Miracle Foundation India, spoke about the organisation and more.

How many Child Care Institutes (CCIs) does Miracle Foundation India offer these sessions for children during a lockdown?  

Miracle Foundation India facilitates coaching support at the CCIs supported by it in 7 states. Currently, for the children who are still in the CCIs, remote coaching sessions are being planned in some locations and elsewhere they are held as per requirement. Since no outsiders are allowed at the CCIs, all coaching support if remote 

For the children who have returned to their families, remote support on the phone is ongoing. In some CCIs small WhatsApp groups have been formed to facilitate group coaching. Focus is more on the children who have to appear for 10th and 12th board exams.  

Are you facing any challenges while executing educational programs? 

In many CCIs, children have gone home and due to the ongoing summer holidays, routine education has been put on hold. Remote coaching classes are being continued but not in full swing. We are still preparing a final plan on how to make these sessions more efficient and effective. Not all the children who have gone back home have a smartphone, Internet issues are prevalent as these CCIs are in remote locations, and not all the coaching teachers have a laptop to be able to conduct skype sessions. 

What all are the special programs that you are conducting for children during lockdown so that their education does not get hampered?

We are ensuring that the children are kept engaged in a variety of activities. Wherever feasible, coaching classes, aptitude testing and career counselling and LSE sessions are being conducted remotely. The children are brushing up on their education and discussing topics with coaching teachers over phone or skype wherever feasible. Additionally, they are being encouraged to read regularly in the library and play outdoor games. The idea is to ensure that a routine is being followed by the kids. 

How did you come up with the idea of remote education for these children?  

Given the current situation with the pandemic and lockdown, nobody is allowed to come in the CCIs and no one from inside the CCIs is allowed to step out. Hence, remote classes are being conducted wherever feasible. The children in the CCIs have access to the computer lab and some children who have gone home have smartphones. For the children who do not have smartphones, we are attempting to get donors to support them for the same.

Please explain the background of the faculty that Miracle Foundation India has?  

Miracle Foundation India does not have any faculty of its own. Coaching teachers are hired by the CCIs on a part-time basis and Miracle India funds it. They have the requisite qualifications. 

What all subjects are taught as part of these education programs?  

All subjects in the school syllabus and curriculum are taught like Mathematics, Science, English, Social Science etc. 

How do you manage/conduct the test remotely? 

Currently, we are not conducting any tests remotely. 

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