The Institute of Analytics Bats For 100% Data Literate Karnataka

The Institute of Analytics (IoA) proposes a specialised funded program for selected 1000 Engineering Graduates from the Government Colleges in association with ISDC and a fully-funded data literacy program for the Schools.

As India continues to modernise its education and adopt technology across all spheres of life, including education and financial empowerment, It is evident that the netizens are highly data responsible and use the data at their disposal to make better decisions. Towards this, at the side-lines of the recently concluded ISDC Commonwealth Education Conference 2022 in London, the Institute of Analytics (IoA) proposed a pledge to nurture a data-literate Karnataka.

The Institute officeholders led by Dr Clare Walsh FIoA - Head of Education and Rosie Sweeney, Head of Memberships from IoA, met Dr Ashwath Narayan, Minister for Higher Education, IT, BT, Skill Development and Livelihood, Government of Karnataka,  in this regard and proposed to execute an exclusive program on data literacy among the government employees - to help them improve their analytics skills. 

As part of the membership, the government of Karnataka would be able to promote job opportunities through the IoA social media channels and have exclusive invites to participate in IoA careers fairs and other networking events. 

The move is in line with IoA’s partnership with the State Government on the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2022, which is set to bring together leading technology companies and start-ups in IT, biotech, and the deep tech who have been using analytics and data science to drive innovation in their businesses and predict future market trends.

The Institute of Analytics has accredited many University Degrees in Analytics & Data Science across the globe and in India and working in partnership with the leading British Education Provider; ISDC for the market expansion and growth in India.


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