The NGO That’s Focusing On Healthcare And Educational Upliftment Of Rural India Post First Covid-19 Wave

Asif Kamal Foundation striving to address the gap in the availability of low-cost primary health care for rural and urban underprivileged communities.

COVID-19 has created havoc in a large part of the world, India is one of the worst affected countries by the pandemic with the number of infected people crossing the mark of 2 crores. But in this worst scenario, few positive developments have also happened. Social Media and Technology have played a great role in reaching the affected people and helping them, be it hospitals or beds, ventilators, or oxygen support availability; social media was quick to provide the right information at the right time. Youths from various areas and regions have emerged as great thinkers and big hope for the country. Many organizations and institutions run by the youth have played an active role in providing the right help at right time at the right place.

The organization which had just started operation in India’s capital New Delhi and worked rigorously to provide food, medical help, and oxygen, etc. to the affected people in Delhi is Asif Kamal Foundation. They were also fully active during the first wave of COVID-19. The organization had launched its helpline number at that time to help people with food and essentials. Asif Kamal the founder of this NGO is a young entrepreneur whose’ a large part of the business is based in Dubai. He is a young dedicated citizen of India who wants to give his share of contribution to the country in what-so-ever way possible.

Apart from working in Delhi for COVID-related help, Asif Kamal Foundation is working in rural areas of Bihar in medical facilities and educational development sector. Their primary focus is work in the field of education and healthcare. It was established by young Indian art connoisseur Asif Kamal in the year 2019 as an initiative to work in rural India in the field of healthcare and education. The foundation is focused on rural India, keeping in mind that 73 per cent of India’s population lives in villages. Education and healthcare is the primary need of every Indian, education not only helps in getting employment but it helps in overall growth to identify the real values and it is important to make people aware in the rural area as they play important role in democracy while electing the government. The NOG also helps rural artisans to develop their craft and find a proper market base to sell their products. This will not only help them earn respectable livelihood but also help preserve long-established Indian traditional art in its original form.

Asif Kamal Foundation is a Non-Profit Non-Governmental Organization registered under section-08 of Companies Act-2013 in Delhi. They operate from their head office in Delhi. The foundation has contributed to underprivileged people, especially the migrant workers during the first wave of COVID-19. It has not only provided food and essential items to displaced migrants but also helps them reach their homes by providing transport services. It had also provided PPE kits and masks to frontline COVID warriors in rural areas of Bihar.

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