The Present Situation Is Increasing The Trust Of Students And Parents On Edtech: Vibhu Bhushan

In an exclusive interaction with BW Education, Vibhu Bhushan, Founder, Goprep talked about the company and its new offering.

The journey has been so far for Gradeup and what was the idea behind launching Goprep?

The journey so far for Gradeup - from 2019-2020 

Last year has been a great journey for Gradeup. We saw tremendous growth in the adoption of live classes during this year. During this time we grew 4 folds and closed the year at sales of 30 crore. Here are some quick figures that we achieved 

  • 350M+ Learning Minutes per Month  

  • 20M+ Student Registration

  • 2.5 Lakh+ Paid Users

  • 15M+ App downloads

  • 60,000+ Students Enrolled for Live Courses

  • 3.5M+ MAU

The idea behind Goprep

Our aim is to support the learning and preparation journey for every school-going student, especially in such challenging times. Individual needs and psychological makeup of students in school is not the same as those in college due to the difference in their academic journeys. The mode of preparation journey in school is different from that of after college competitive exams. In school, preparation is often intensive and time-consuming. Also, it requires a significant investment of time from parents as they are the key decision-makers. Keeping these factors in mind, we have launched the Goprep App to focus exclusively on the preparation needs of school students.

What are its core features and what makes it different from existing players in the K12 segment?

Core features of the app

  1. Free Live Classes 

  2. Courses with a structured methodology comprising a day-wise study plan

  3. Instant Doubt Resolution - students can upload photos for instant doubt-resolution, a convenient and seamless process to obtain clarity and answers.

Through Goprep, students in the K12 segment preparing for either board exams or competitive exams such as JEE and NEET will have access to Goprep’s effective test preparation and robust learning outcomes.

How are we different from existing players in the K12 segment

We believe that education is a service industry where along with content there are other factors that need to be considered for the success of the student. And these factors are: 

  • Imparting Learning

  • Motivating Students

  • Tracking Students Performance

  • Working Along With Their Parents to Improve Their Performance

Hence, our focus is to create a brand that focusses on learning outcomes or a brand that provides outcome-based education. The advantage of being result-oriented is that the brand stays in the mind of the users. And it requires less investment, resources to create such a brand. This is what differentiates us from our competitors. So far, we’ve haven't had a single student who is not satisfied with our product. We have a strong academic setup, which can scale quickly. This helps us in providing quality keeping an eye on scale. 

How according to you will this market evolve further? What are the kind of innovations you are aiming at bringing to this space? 

Over the years, a slow transition from offline to online has been taking place. The current situation has only accelerated this transition. More students are now gravitating toward online education. More than anything; This short term situation is increasing the trust of students and their parents on EdTech. The impact of the current situation on EdTech, in the long run, will be its increased acceptance as an alternative to current offline options.

What kind of traction has Goprep witnessed since the launch? What is driving students' preferences?

After the lockdown, we had witnessed a 20-25 per cent increase in student enrollment. Also, we didn’t want students to waste their time during this situation. Hence we had launched our campaign #PadhaiNahiRukegi. The goal of the campaign was to provide free education to these students so that they could utilise this time. The campaign specifically catered to the education needs of students from class 8th to 12th; especially those preparing for JEE and NEET exams. All classes were free of cost and were delivered through Goprep.

Goprep is still in the nascent stage and these numbers are huge when you see that Goprep was launched only 45 days back. To give you a number, we did GTSE (Goprep Talent search Examination) in search of Super 1000. This exam was taken by more than 2,00,000 students. 

Even many edtech and traditional coaching players are now working towards digitizing their products and offerings amid this COVID-19 do you consider that as a threat?

We believe that if we focus on the right thing i.e. delivering quality outcome-based education then we can provide value to the customer regardless of the competition.

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