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Abishek Kumar Yadav, Founder Chairman & Academic Director, Griffins International School, believes new and convenient technologies in education sector is the need of the hour. BW Education engages with him in an insightful conversation. Excerpts:

What is the need of the hour in the education sector?

Today, Indian economy is reaching to every corner of the globe and as a result, it is opening many job opportunities and much scope for New India. This makes it imperative to renovate the existing curriculum to make the young generation more skilful rather than only focussing on degrees. There is also an urge to focus on a unique learning process, where a child can study about the world breaking all the limitations. New and convenient technologies in education will also help in this regard.

There is also a need to look at the quality of education that we are providing, as well as the education providers. Dedication, motivation and a positive attitude of a teacher to work for a child’s education is what can make the difference.

Can you tell us about some of the challenges you have faced and how you overcame them?

Getting a good and approachable location and getting teachers with good potential were areas where I faced challenges but these strengthened my determination to work hard.

Being patient, consistent, having a positive outlook and support of a motivated team and having a learning attitude from the mistakes helps me to overcome the challenges.

What is your philosophy on education?

Philosophy of education for me is thinking beyond the classroom teachings, engaging in two-way interactions among students and teachers and providing a suitable environment where student can use full concentration on studies. There should be a cooperation between parents and teachers for students’ wellbeing as a whole.

What are your future plans for your organisation’s growth?

My plans are student-centric. So, I am planning for the ventures that would provide students the platform of getting higher studies in our own country and providing quality education at par with the other developed nation educational system. My focus is not only on growth but actually on human development.

What changes would you like to spearhead?

I want to break the monotony of the curriculum and give priority to students’ understanding of the life. It should be a system where the skills and potentiality will be appreciated rather than only bundles of degrees.

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