Tips To Crack NMAT 2021

NMAT is one of the competitive exams for MBA aspirants and here are some tips to crack it.

NMAT is one of the competitive exams for MBA aspirants. The target colleges include NMIMS Mumbai (as well as PGDM courses off campuses, i.e., Navi Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad). A few other colleges accept NMAT scores for their admissions process as well.

Here are a few tips to crack this exam:

Understanding the exam

Every competitive exam tests a certain skill set, hence the format of each differs from the other. The preparation for NMAT should start with jotting down the syllabus of each section, moving on to the difficulty level of questions asked, drawing a mental graph of time available as several questions. Doing this analysis will lay out the foundation for our further preparation.

Clearing the concepts

Before jumping into mocks, and higher-level questions, it is necessary to get a clear idea of the basic concepts involved. Since NMAT tests a candidate’s efficiency, it is pivotal that one must not mess up the basics. One must be thorough with the fundamentals of mathematics, like LCM, HCF, Prime numbers, Complex numbers, etc. Once this is done, the advanced level should be unlocked. 

Consistency is key

NMAT or any other competitive exam for that matter requires consistency. You can’t study for 1 week then leave your preparation for 2 weeks and still expect to get a good NMAT score. CATKing helps you with that. We offer daily NMAT Video series so that you stay on track with your preparation. 

Equal focus on all sections

Just because you are weak in a section, you will not have the liberty to ignore it, as NMAT has a sectional cutoff as well. While this is the case with most aspirants, there may be a few out there who might be good with a certain section and hence sideline it to prepare the other sections. This practice is also not advisable. Your preparation should be balanced. 

Speed up!

NMAT tests your basics, but also how fast you are with them. You won’t have a calculator in NMAT, so you must be fast with your calculations. Learn some tricks for multiplication, division, etc. In the new adaptive pattern, there is no negative marking just like the previous NMAT, but if you leave some questions unanswered because the time runs out, you will lose marks for that. 

Give mocks

Mocks are important to analyze your preparation level. Mocks help you keep a track of your progress. Giving one mock every week, and with time increasing the frequency of the mocks will provide you with first-hand knowledge. You can draft and re-draft your strategies after every mock, whether it was time that was an issue for you, or a particular section, you’ll be able to make amends way before the actual exam. CATKing offers both adaptive and non-adaptive mock series, with well over 40+ mocks, to prepare you for any of the scenarios. These mocks are crafted by NMAT toppers themselves and will give you the most relevant NMAT experience.

Make use of multiple attempts

NMAT gives you a golden chance of giving a maximum of 3 attempts. and the best score is considered. Make use of this opportunity and give at least 2 attempts, with a gap of 3-4 weeks. This will give you sufficient time for improving your score and therefore targeting better colleges.

Bonus point

Who will be better at guiding you than someone who has cracked the exam before? CATKing brings to you NMAT Thursdays where special Live strategy workshops are for NMAT which are taken by NMIMS Alumni. 

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