Top 5 Free Cybersecurity Courses To Pursue During Lockdown

Here is a list of top 5 free cybersecurity courses for students and professionals who are looking to explore a career in the domain.

IT Fundamentals for Cybersecurity Specialization

This course designed by Coursera is for anyone who is a beginner and wants to understand the field of cybersecurity. In this course, you will learn concepts around cybersecurity tools and processes, system administration, operating system and database vulnerabilities, types of cyberattacks and basics of networking. Post the completion of the course, learners will be awarded the IT Fundamentals for Cybersecurity IBM digital badge.

Duration: 48 hours

Foundations of Cybersecurity Learning Path

This course is available on Springboard and designed to help professionals who are working in this field or are looking for a career transition in it. With every tutorial, learners will develop new skills and improve their understanding of this challenging yet lucrative sub-field of Cybersecurity. The course is packed with case studies and videos to support the theoretical concepts. This course includes a high-level overview of security fundamentals, penetration testing and also some common threats and tools to prevent it.

Duration: 38 hours 

Introduction to Information Security

This free course is offered as part of Great Learning's learning collaboration with the Stanford Centre for Professional Development. The course will also cover application security and software security and examines what can be done in the pre-deployment phase to secure software systems.
Learners will also receive a certificate from Great learning post the completion of the program.

Duration: 5.5 hours of video content

Introduction to Cybersecurity

This Cybersecurity course is offered by edX. It serves as a beginner-friendly introduction to internet security. The program provides an overview of the cybersecurity landscape as well as national and international perspectives on the field. It also highlights
the legal environment that impacts cybersecurity.
Upon its completion, learners will be able to identify and distinguish various threat actors and their motivations. 

Duration: 4 Weeks

Introduction to Web Security

Introduction to Web Security program offered by Stanford School of Engineering helps professionals to master the fundamentals of cybersecurity and some of the latest threats and their defences. Through this Python Data Science training, professionals can gain knowledge in data analysis, Machine Learning, data visualization, web scraping and Natural Language Processing. 

Duration: 4 hours of video content

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