Top 5 Tech Skills That Indian Youth Need To Sharpen For Becoming Future-ready

Here is a list of top 5 tech skills, fresh graduates need to sharpen in order to become future proof.

Nearly 85 lakh fresh graduates are looking to enter the workforce in India this year. Despite the outbreak of COVID-19, numerous organizations are still hiring freshers who are digitally equipped in new-age technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics that will help them to get ready for the jobs of tomorrow.

Here is a list of top 5 tech skills, fresh graduates need to sharpen in order to become future proof.


With people working from home, the demand for cybersecurity professionals has seen an instant spike. Various organisations have reported cyberattacks compelling companies to have stronger security systems in place. According to TeamLease Services, before the COVID outbreak, the cybersecurity demands covered only about10% of the total IT requirements in our county. During the lockdown, they have gone up to 15%. Once the lockdown is lifted, they are expected to go up to 20%. Global in-house centres (GICs) along with various other organisations are hiring professionals for roles like Security Engineers, Pentesters, and Security Analysts with an average salary hike of 15-20%. It is safe to hence say that this domain is likely to witness a steady demand and skilling here will lead to fruitful results with regards to job opportunities.

Data Analytics

Data analytics roles have become the most rewarding jobs in the 21st century. According to Great Learning data science jobs in India are expected to see 1.5 lakh new openings in 2020. The top sectors hiring for talent in analytics are IT/ITeS, BFSI, energy pharma, and healthcare offering lucrative roles like data scientists, data analytics, data engineer, and business intelligence developer. Such positions are emphasized among the most promising jobs of the future and offer the highest median salaries ranging between Rs13-15 lakhs globally

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a vital tool for organizations to increase brand visibility and connect with their users. According to the Goldman Sachs report, the scope of digital marketing career in India will be worth USD160 billion by 2025, making it three times the current value. Various online platforms like Great Learning are offering specialized programs for professionals who are looking to build niche skills in areas like SEO, display advertising, conversion optimization, and web analytics. Some job roles witnessing demand include digital marketing strategist, web content manager, e-commerce specialist, online leads manager, and web analyst with a salary ranging from Rs 5-7 lakhs per annum.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing skills like DevOps, Linux, and database skills have become the most sought-after competencies this year as organizations are migrating from traditional apps to cloud-based platforms. As a result, jobs in this domain are growing massively, making it a trending field in the IT/ ITES sector. Some key roles organizations are hiring for include, Cloud Application Developer, Cloud Network Engineer, Cloud Automation Engineer, and Cloud Security Manager with an average salary of Rs 5-7 lakhs per annum. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The emergence of digital operations has extensively contributed to the evolution of AI systems across businesses in India. AI is increasingly being adopted in automating many jobs with much higher productivity, lower cost, and scalable solutions. This is fostering the demand for AI specialists across industries. According to a Microsoft India study, half of all employees are expected to be equipped with AI skills in the next 6-10 years. Organizations are actively looking for AI experts skilled in proficiencies like machine learning, deep learning, python, and natural language processing. Industry leaders like IBM, Infosys, Fidelity Investments, SAP Labs India & JP Morgan Chase are increasingly looking for people with the right AI skills. Around 4% of AI professionals in India command a salary higher than Rs 50 lakhs, making it the most sought after career option.

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