Top Undergrad Courses For Indians Going Overseas And How That Might Change Post COVID

Courses like Business Management, Computer Science & Information Technology are still much preferred by students today, inclination towards new-age courses has also increased.

For ages, traditional courses like Engineering, medical and anything related to IT has dominated the psyche of Indian parents, especially when one thinks of sending their child to study abroad. This would transpire to the children quickly, and peer pressure would build. While courses like Business Management, Computer Science & Information Technology are still much preferred by students today, inclination towards new-age courses has also increased. Let's explore some of the top courses that undergraduates can pursue abroad, and how they might evolve in the post covid world.

Business Analytics

Before AI, ML and Cloud arrived on the scene, business administration or a BBA degree was considered the degree of the future. It is still one of the most preferred courses for Indians locally and abroad. For students who are looking to make their career in management right after the 12th board, BBA is the go-to course. Today, many universities have started adding Business Analytics as a specialization to the traditional BBA route to prepare students for roles in the analytics domain.  

Beyond the academic prowess, BBA degree creates, an analytics specialization will bring opportunities for students to get high-paying jobs in consulting, management, and research as well as open doors to - KPOs, manufacturing, automotive, software consulting and healthcare.    

While COVID-19 has changed the entire process of the college applications in 2020 and 2021, it has also forced academics to relook at the curriculum. BBA courses will see more use of technology and tools for research, the datasets will widen to create more relevant use cases. Disaster and epidemic management will be integrated as a primary metric for research analysis and business advisory. Healthcare and its sub-functions will use more business intelligence to drive patient care efficiently. 

Hospitality, Sports and Events Management

The entire hospitality and events industry has taken huge flak in 2020 and 2021 and so have the graduates from 2020. While the degree may draw a huge ire from the parents in 2021, if you are someone that always aspired to be in this industry, then you are not wrong to still consider it. A degree in hospitality management can still create a successful avenue in an airline, 5 Star properties, hotel chains, malls, and the travel industry.

Post COVID-19, the curriculum will definitely see the integration of learnings around financing and running operations during the epidemic, or under safety measures. We may see hospitality and events management courses to include training in virtual guest management software, automatic check-ins and check-outs, or no-touch room services and the use of high-end AI (robots) to enable services. This will not be limited to hotels, malls, and areas of mass interest, but would also transpire to loyalty programs management platforms. Including this will upskill the students and make them future-ready.

Coming to preferred destinations, Australia is the go-to place for Indians for anything related to Sports, Events and Hospitality. Griffith is one of the leading universities in Australia for such programs offering both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Located in high tourist destinations of Brisbane and Gold Coast, students get ample internship and job opportunities. It has partnerships with Indian EdTech platforms like The WorldGrad to offer cost and time saving online pathways to these degrees. 


Cybersecurity is definitely a new age field and very few universities and colleges offer bachelor’s level programs in this area. Needless to say, Cybersecurity is critical in the post-pandemic world owing to the scale of digital transformation all of us have experienced. The cybersecurity programs aid in the development of fundamental knowledge in the areas of computer systems, security, and network security theory, methods, and practices. It engages in developing and implementing security plans that decrease risk and improve the security of data, assets, and systems. Effectively communicating with business management about cybersecurity problems, both orally and in writing, comes along with it naturally. 

By the end of the course, the students can become ethical hackers or cybersecurity experts examining and operating on the networks and structures of various businesses to identify security issues and rectify them.

You can earn a Bachelors in Cybersecurity within 3 years or even choose to do a Bachelor of Information Technology with some courses from Cybersecurity based on your preference. Best of all, you have the option to save time by completing a part of your first year online through the UniSmarter program offered in India.

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