USMC To Host Online Faculty Development Programme ‘Developing Academic Leaders for Future: The Way Forward’

The programme will aim at creating next-generation leaders who are equipped to handle blended learning as envisioned in National Education Policy,2020.

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University School of Mass Communication (USMC), GGSIPU is organising a Two-Week Online Faculty Development Programme/Research Methodology Workshop on the theme “Developing Academic Leaders for Future: The Way Forward” from 15th April 2021 to 27th April 2021.

The programme will aim at creating next-generation leaders who are equipped to handle blended learning as envisioned in National Education Policy,2020.  

The programme is organised by University School of Mass Communication, IIQAC-NAAC, MOOCs-IPU. The proposed workshop has been designed to target research scholars and faculty members of Mass Communication and Journalism, Humanities and Social Sciences, and related interdisciplinary courses. Faculty Development Programme will help in developing a strong understanding of various aspects of research along with modern educational technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Higher Education.

The Programme covers a wide variety of topics related to pedagogy and role of technology in higher education. It encompasses insightful and contemporary subjects like Education in Digital Age: Creativity and Critical Thinking are the keys, Research in Digital Humanities, Academic Publishing as an important aspect of Leadership, Navigating Research Ethics in Digital age, Participatory Research Approach: Principles and Perspectives, Understanding Artificial Intelligence, Emerging Trends in Data and Journalism among others. 

The purpose of organizing the programme is primarily to promote the capacity building of the research scholars and faculty members and enhance the overall research potential. It aims to equip Academic Leaders to transform India into a Knowledge Economy. 

The FDP is sponsored by the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), Ministry of Education, Government of India, New Delhi. We are grateful to ICSSR for their constant patronage to the university and its support for our academic endeavours. We are thankful to them for providing the financial support for the programme.

The knowledge partners for the event are Institute for International Journalism, Scripps School of Journalism, Ohio University, USA; The Asia Pacific Institute for Events Management, London, United Kingdom; Department of Economics, University of Economics, Bratislava, Slovakia; Online University, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic; School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events, Taylor’s University, Malaysia; College of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Trinity University of Asia, Philippines. We are honoured to be associated with such prestigious institutions and organisations from different parts of the world. We are grateful to them for showing immense faith in us and supporting us for the programme. 

University School of Mass Communication has been a leader in Digital Education. It is the first and the only school in the USS to launch its own MOOCs course on the SWAYAM platform, a Government of India initiative for Open Education Resources and Lifelong Learning. ‘Society and Media’ SWAYAM MOOCs course of USMC is sponsored by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and has been ranked among the top 100 courses worldwide in the ‘best online course of all time’ category by Class Central, an independent International MOOCs courses aggregator. The IP University’s course stands tall alongside the courses belonging to some of the top universities of the world such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Cardiff, Yale, Cornell, Princeton, Monash, Tel Aviv, Tsinghua, Wharton School among others. School has been constantly making efforts to promote Academic Leadership and Technology in Higher Education and has organised several Research Methodology workshops and seminars for the Faculty Members and Research Scholars since 2013. 

Prof. A. K. Saini, (University School of Management Studies), Chairman, NAAC-IIQAC-NAAC and Prof. Queeny Pradhan, Dean, USMC are the Chairpersons for the Faculty Development Programme. Dr Durgesh Tripathi is the Coordinator for Faculty Development Programme and Dr Sachin Bharti is the Co-Coordinator for the event.

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