Udemy Business Pro, The Next Iteration Of End-to-End Technical Learning

New product offering accelerates skill development for modern technical roles through interactive learning experiences

Udemy, a leading destination for learning and teaching online, today announced that its corporate learning solution, Udemy Business, has expanded with a new offering: Udemy Business Pro. Udemy Business Pro will enable Udemy Business customers to evolve their technical skill development with in-depth learning experiences for their employees through new features like Udemy Paths, skills assessments, workspaces, and hands-on labs across critical skills in Information Technology, Software Development, and Data & Analytics.

In-Demand Skills Need On-Demand Training

Technology roles are undergoing constant innovation and are key in giving companies a competitive advantage. Designed alongside several Udemy instructors, Udemy Business Pro offers an end-to-end learning experience to keep up with the ever-changing industry demands through pre-curated Udemy Paths, skill assessments, hands-on labs, and workspaces for risk-free practice environments. Udemy Business Pro can help organizations to develop teams across in-demand technical roles and achieve stronger business outcomes through employee retention, team upskilling, and improved business agility.

Better Business Outcomes

Udemy Business was built to accelerate and improve employee training and development, through curated Udemy courses alongside proprietary, personalized content from customers. With Udemy Business Pro, customers can access results-based, engaging learning, including content recommendations, skill assessments, hands-on labs and workspaces to provide learners with a safe environment to practice and hone their skills.

Udemy Business Pro offers personalized learning that guides, challenges, and reinforces learning outcomes. Initially focusing on IT, Software Development, and Data & Analytics, each guided experience offers a curated curriculum aligned to specific roles and includes:

  • Udemy Paths combine top courses, hands-on practice opportunities, and assessments to provide learners with the instruction and practice they need to achieve specific learning objectives.
  • Assessments that evaluate learners’ skills, identify skill gaps and provide course recommendations (with specific sections highlighted) to deepen their knowledge.
  • Workspaces that provide learners with access to risk-free virtual sandboxes to practice skills in key technologies.
  • Labs that offer real-world projects to help learners sharpen their technical skills in Workspaces.

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