Undiscovered Magical Facts About Childhood

Childhood needs parenting to explore the lessons of life and parenting needs childhood to know the magical facts of the functioning of the human body.

Childhood and parenting are two facets of the same coin and they both are incomplete without each other. Wondering why? Well, the answer lies in the functioning of nature and the superpower, who has created it all. Childhood needs parenting to explore the lessons of life and parenting needs childhood to know the magical facts of the functioning of the human body. Here are 9 such magical facts.  

The idea of talking  
Some kids start speaking early and some take time. You will be surprised to know that this also depends on how far parents participate in responding to the baby’s action. It has been proven that if parents make an effort to respond to baby’s vocalization, more than 80% of the time kids start speaking early.  

Blurry vision
Do you know that when kids are born, their eyesight is around 20/2400. And they can see maximum to a distance of one foot, that’s the reason it is said that to be close to kids. Interestingly, their sight turns to 20/20 by the end of the 6th month, only if properly nourished with breast milk.  

The logic of triple the birth weight  
A very interesting study states that kids are triple the birth weight during the 1st year of birth. The growing age consumes a lot of energy and nutrients and slowly the weight is balanced.  

The ambidextrous kid
During the initial years of growth, kids don’t understand the difference between right and left and that’s the reason they use both the hands. Slowly, they start realizing and then in 90 per cent cases they choose their right hand. So, if your kid is a lefty, be proud, because he/she is a lucky child! 

Swallow and breathe
This will surely surprise you, and after reading the fact, if you dare to try it, sorry you will be disappointed! A study says that till the age of 7 months, kids can breathe and swallow at the same time. Isn’t it interesting and surprising too! 

The logic of cells  
It has been proven that a toddler's brain gains 2 million new brain cells connection every second. And by the time he/she turns 2, the child has more than 100 trillion new brain connections or synapses. But, interestingly, as the child becomes an adult more than 50% of these cells disappear. Strange!  

The functioning of the cerebral cortex  
Do you know that when a child is born, there is one part of his body that is not functional yet? Yes, you read it right, and the part is called the cerebral cortex. It is a part of the brain that still needs to develop and is responsible for storing stories, memories, thoughts, and voluntary muscle movement. This becomes functional when the child centres the world and starts breathing.  

Information organizing power  
At the age of 7, kids start registering actions and information. According to experts, it is advisable to watch your actions and words in front of them to make it a disciplined and nourishing childhood.  

Stress disabling learning
Care and love can wipe off any sort of stress and if you don’t believe in it; try and come close to your kids and feel the change. Coming closer with them will help release the stress and also get rid of Cortisol, a hormone that kills off connections in the learning and memory parts of the brain. Try it and feel the difference.  

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